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A Rebel's Guide To Unstoppable Motivation!

Time for a little motivational story... Gather round... cross your legs... sit up straight! Once upon a time there was a farmer and that farmer had excellent seed. One day he took to the field to sow his seed, but the first part of the seed fell by the wayside and the birds got some. The farmer was angry. He...

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Weight Loss For Dummies!

I'd like you to imagine a shopping trip. But this is no ordinary shopping trip. This is a rebel shopping trip that only involves cold, hard cash, no cards! There is £10 in your hand. There is £100 in your purse....

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An Open Letter To Slimming World About Consistency!

Dear Slimming World Below is a response you sent to someone on your page when she questioned you about why you removed Porky Lights from your database. Consistency. noun. "Consistent behaviour or treatment." Interesting. Because on the basis that you're...

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Is Your Indecision Making You Fat?!

Have you ever heard the famous quote... "Success is achieved only by flapping about and changing your mind every five seconds and never actually making a decision." I'm guessing you haven't. And there's a pretty good reason for this. Nothing...

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Woman In Jar

The Secret To Overcoming Binge Eating!

We've had a question sent to us privately... "Hi Liam been listening or rather reading what you have to say on your Facebook page. You do make sense but I'm intrigued as to how to stop binge eating. I have been a yo yo dieter all my life. I am now 67 years old. Go to aqua classes 3/4 times a week. I have just signed up to your...

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Should You Be Counting Calories For Weight Loss?

We've had a question sent to us privately... "Hi Liam! I just read your post about no foods being healthy vs unhealthy and it clicked home to me! I've done SW! and every single time I do, I just want a potato waffle! Or maybe 10! When I'm eating 'normally' I'm not bothered! My question to you is, should I be calorie counting?...

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Why There's No Such Thing As Unhealthy Foods!

We've had a response on our page... "I disagree Liam. Surely it wouldn't be healthy or good for someone to eat McDonalds (as an example) every day even if they were under weight? Is it not true that even thin people can be internally fat? Where they have too much fat around their vital organs?" One of the key...

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Why Appetite Is Your Greatest Fat Loss Weapon!

We've had a response on our page... "I rarely feel hungry, then get told I'm not eating enough! Can't seem to win." Ok, I have two questions. What is "feeling hot"? And what is "feeling cold"? Feeling hot is your body sensing temperature and creating a SENSATION to tell you that the...

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Slimming World To Take Legal Action Against Rebelfit.

Well, we pretty much could have predicted this. Here are the first two pages of the notice letter, and we've added our response letter below. We hope you'll support us with this. page 2... And here is our response... Just for those who don't know the law...The defence against defamation is TRUTH.Slimming World would...

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Finally The Truth About Breakfast Is Here!

In the space of the last hour I've been sent links to two completely opposing pieces of advice on breakfast. "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day" via Hashem Al-Ghaili "Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day" via James Smith...

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Obese Vs Thin

If You Are Losing Weight, You're Starving!

We've had a question on our fan page... "When I followed slimming world my typical days food would be either boiled eggs, banana and porridge for breakfast/brunch or at weekends an omelette on a bed of spinach. Lunch was something like a jacket potato, salad and tuna or soup or maybe a whole meal bread salad sandwich. Dinner...

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Omg Scales

How To Prevent Weight Gain After Dieting!

We've had a message sent to us privately... "I'm on slimming world and have currently lost 2 and a half stone since October last year. I still have another 2 stone to go and would appreciate some advice on how to do this properly as after reading your posts I'm worried about putting all the weight I've lost back on again."...

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