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Why Is Nutrition So Bloody Confusing?!

It is though, isn't it? One day you're being told to cut all the fat from your diet, then the next you're being told to eat avocados drizzled with coconut oil. Another day you're being told to eat porridge because it's super-healthy, then the next you're being told never to touch carbs because they turn you into a big fatty bom...

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Team Gb

An Open Letter To Team GB About Sponsorship!

Dear Team GBI've been absolutely glued to my TV watching you dominate the Olympics, and I've loved every second of it. I knew before the games commenced that you would smash it, but never could I have predicted 27 golds, 23 silvers, 17 bronzes and our best ever Olympic performance for more than a century.But more amazing and...

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Hate Weight Watchers

Why I Hate Weight Watchers, And You Should Too!

My name is Liam Sartorius and I'm a freelance personal trainer and weight loss coach specialising in obesity. When I first started out in personal training i created a simple and effective consultation form that i still use today. My clients know it and remember it well... Where have you been? Where are you now? And where do...

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Stop Dieting

Are You Ready To Stop Your Diet Thinking?

Rebelfit is a movement, a revolution, a rebellion against the standard model of weight loss.  Our mission… To challenge everything you ever thought you knew about nutrition and fitness. To recruit you, re-educate you and re-train you into a new way of thinking about exercise, eating and getting in shape. And that...

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