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Try This Simple Trick To Reduce Your Appetite!

We've had a question from Lisa... "So what is the way to stop the restrictive diet mentality. I was a gold weight watchers member then i gained all the weight back plus some. I lost it again on a primal diet, then I gained it all back plus some. Now I eat what I want, in an attempt to shift the restricted diet mentality, I...

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Obesity Trap

Warning - Beware The 30 Step Obesity Trap!

We've had a response from Zara.... "I used to be a weight watchers leader (don't shoot me) and kept my weight off for 5 I'm heavier than before! I think in principle WW and SW have some good intentions, however the branded products that are sold to replace 'real food' are full of binders and sweeteners. I...

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Umbrella Rain

Why We Need To Ban The Slimming Industry Asap!

It's time for another little rebel story. And this time I'd like you to imagine you run a business. But not just any business. A business selling UMBRELLAS. Now the umbrella is a very simple product, that solves a very simple problem. Getting wet in the rain. With the exception of Gene Kelly... or Hugh Grant...

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Smoke Smoke

Have You Fallen For This Slimming Club Trick?

Smoking kills. We've known this for some time. And after decades of fighting the dishonest tobacco industry, it's now even written on the side of cigarette packets as a very clear warning.  The good news is that this warning is finally hitting home, and millions of people are making the...

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Why Slimming Clubs Make Me So Angry!

"Why is this Rebelfit guy so angry??!" I hear this a lot. "He's so aggressive! He's so mean!" First things first, my anger and aggression is never directed at individuals, it is directed at the slimming clubs, the companies, the profit driven corporations. The individual members of slimming clubs are victims in all of this....

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Slimming World - Stop Hurting Nutrition Fairies!

[Warning: This is one of our famous sweary rants. Please take the language with a pinch of salt, or if you're easily offended, look away now.]We've had a request from Helen... "Can you summarise what exactly it is you disagree with? I tried to read your post but it was too long and ranting! I am interested in what you think is...

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Diet Relationships

If All Your Diets Were Relationships!

[Warning: This is a long post, please stick with it, it's worth it!] *ring ring, ring ring* "Hello, Jenny speaking..." "Hey Jenny, it's Claire! Just calling for a quick catch up!" "Claire! So lovely to hear from you!" "How's it going?! Haven't spoken to you for aaages!! Last thing I heard you...

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Stinky Fart

How Meal Replacement Companies Con You!

[Warning: This is another slightly rude rant, with a fair bit of toilet humour. Please look away now if you're easily offended] We've had a comment on our recent blog post about Juice Plus... "I get your point I really do but did you do some actual research into this? Juice plus have different plans for different...

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Dr Evil

How The Slimming Industry Lied To You!

"Hey, whatcha up to?" "Me? Oh just creating the slimming industry." "The slimming industry? What's that all about?" "Well, can you keep a secret?" "Sure! Hit me..." "Ok, but don't tell a soul. Here's the deal. There are a lot of fat people around, right? And they got fat overeating crappy...

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Woman Salad

Diets - Breeding Nutcases Since 1953!

[Warning: This is one of Rebelfit's famously rude rants. Yes, it is offensive. Yes, there is lots of swearing. But it is designed to draw attention to a very important point - the dangers of dieting. Please take this with a pinch of salt.] Oh, so you don't believe diets breed nutcases? Well if you've ever been on a...

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Obese People Need Help, Not Blame!

I'd like to share a little story with you.A story that I hope will change your views on overeating, obesity and the shocking way this country treats obese people. __________Once upon a time there was a small village. With a small number of villagers. Who spent their days living and working in their small wooden huts.The...

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Why Fitness Is A Maze, Not A Track!

I have a little pet hate.  No, not slimming clubs.  (although yes, I do hate them, could you tell?!) I'm talking about this mystical bloody TRACK people keep banging on about.   What is this track??! What, you start a diet or fitness plan and you hop on some kind of imaginary choo choo train??  How many times have I...

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How Muscles Make Your Dresses Fit Better!

After our previous post about Slimming Clubs wrecking dieter's bodies by encouraging weight loss rather than fat loss, it's clear from your responses many people don't get the difference. Hopefully the following rebel story will help! Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a young maiden called Cinderella. She was...

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Flabby Arm

How Slimming Clubs Wreck Your Body!

Picture the scene. Imagine your house is a filthy, dusty, dirty mess.If your house really is a filthy, dusty, dirty mess, that's great! But if your house is spotless and clean... just imagine for a moment.Now in your imaginary, filthy, dusty, dirty house, imagine the dust is so thick you could literally shovel it and carry it...

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Why Is Nutrition So Bloody Confusing?!

It is though, isn't it? One day you're being told to cut all the fat from your diet, then the next you're being told to eat avocados drizzled with coconut oil. Another day you're being told to eat porridge because it's super-healthy, then the next you're being told never to touch carbs because they turn you into a big fatty bom...

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Stop Dieting

Are You Ready To Stop Your Diet Thinking?

Rebelfit is a movement, a revolution, a rebellion against the standard model of weight loss.  Our mission… To challenge everything you ever thought you knew about nutrition and fitness. To recruit you, re-educate you and re-train you into a new way of thinking about exercise, eating and getting in shape. And that...

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Hate Weight Watchers

Why I Hate Weight Watchers, And You Should Too!

My name is Liam Sartorius and I'm a freelance personal trainer and weight loss coach specialising in obesity. When I first started out in personal training i created a simple and effective consultation form that i still use today. My clients know it and remember it well... Where have you been? Where are you now? And where do you...

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