Salad Circle

1.90 day mission

every month we launch a new 90-day online mission, expertly designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. every mission is unique and different, but they are all designed to help you...

  • love and accept your body
  • focus on fitness, not weight loss
  • improve your physical and mental health
  • achieve happiness for you and your family
Mission Summerstrip

2.your mission pack

once you are signed up to a particular mission, you will be invited to join a private facebook group which contains everything you need to start your rebelfit journey. there you can download food options, recipes and meal plans designed to fit into your busy family and social life, as well as a selection of professionally designed training plans including home and gym workouts for all ages, sizes, abilities and fitness levels.

Daily Coaching Circle

3.daily coaching

the 90 day missions are run in private facebook groups by qualified personal trainers and our team of rebel leaders. our leaders will provide you with continual expert support, daily coaching, help with your nutrition, informative video clinics and answers to any questions you may have. you will never be alone on this journey.

Group Support Circle support

as well as the daily coaching from our personal trainers, you will also benefit greatly from the daily support and motivation from other rebels sharing the mission. we never underestimate the power of the group to guide, inspire and motivate you to reach your collective goals. if ever you need some extra motivation, all you have to do is ask!

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