Icon Mission the mission

it's a new year and a new start...

a new opportunity to refocus, retake control and relaunch your journey to a fitter, leaner, healthier body! 💪

rebelfit is delighted to introduce fresh start™, our next 90 day nutrition and fitness mission! it’s all about refreshing your nutrition and fitness - trying fresh new foods, fresh new recipes and fresh new workouts!

all of which will help you...

  • kick start your new year fat loss and fitness
  • boost your strength, cardio and core stability
  • get a head start on your fittest summer body!

fresh start™ launches on 08 january and finishes on 09 april.

for anyone interested in finding out more or getting a head start on the mission, the fresh start 'warm up group' is now open!

applications closed.

Fresh Start Badge

Icon Howitworks what's new?!

as always we've been listening to your awesome suggestions and feedback, so we've made a very simple tweak to the mission setup!

bronze - all nutrition! 🍏

silver - all fitness! 👟

which means for the fresh start™ mission we're making our bronze package all about nutrition and our silver package all about fitness!

if you just want to focus on your nutrition, join bronze! if you just want to focus on fitness, join silver! if you want to focus on nutrition and fitness, join silver and you get access to both!

we've made this change based on feedback from both newbie and veteran rebels. the newbies felt focusing on nutrition and fitness was too much too soon. the veterans felt they want to focus more on fitness, without having to see so many food pics all the time!

this will fix things for everyone 😊

Nutrition And Fitness

Icon Medal Bronze the bronze package

for those wanting to dip their toe in the rebelfit waters, we've put together a brand new discounted bronze package that's all about nutrition and fresh food!

we want to make nutrition and healthy eating as easy as possible for you, so we're going back to basics, teaching you three simple eating strategies over the three phases of the mission!

phase 1. eating for health! 

phase 2. eating for fat loss!

phase 3. eating for fitness!

on signing up you will receive access to a private facebook group that launches on 08 january. there we'll be sharing daily nutrition coaching, sample meal plans, recipes, hints and tips, weekly nutrition mini missions - all designed to empower you to make better food choices for you and your family!

choose the bronze package if you want to:

  • discover real food nutrition
  • learn how to eat for your shape
  • enjoy tasty family friendly recipes
  • take control of your binge eating
  • achieve lasting weight / fat loss!

if you're looking for a "diet free" way to eat better and get healthier this january, the bronze package is for you!

Eat Circle

Icon Medal Silver the silver package

for those who want to get started with their fitness training, we've put together a brand new selection of rebelfit workouts, all designed to develop your strength, cardio, core and flexibility!

90 workouts over the 90 days.

your mission? to complete as many as you can!

for fresh start™ you have the option to download the workouts in advance, then pick and choose when you do them in the week, or you can follow the facebook group and get a surprise "flash wod" every day, it's entirely up to you!

once the 90 day mission begins you have a choice of 3 "training teams", private facebook groups for rebels at the same level of fitness.

  • team starters™ - for rebels who are just starting their fitness journey! your 90 workouts will be 10 minutes each, low intensity, mixing bodyweight workouts, walking, yoga and pilates.
  • team progress™ - for rebels who are really getting into fitness! your 90 workouts will be 20 minutes each, moderate intensity, mixing bodyweight workouts, walking / running, yoga and pilates.
  • team advanced™ - for rebels who are pushing for their peak! your 90 workouts will be 30 minutes each, high intensity, mixing bodyweight, kettlebells, dumbbells, running, yoga and pilates.

during the mission 'warm up' we'll help you choose the right team, then on 08 january invite you to join your private group! there you'll receive daily fitness coaching from our team of personal trainers and support from our rebel motivators!

*those signed up to the silver package get free access to bronze

Philosophy Circle

Icon Medal Gold the gold package

after so much positive feedback we're delighted to be repeating our new gold package, for veteran rebels who want a more focused group in which to reach their goals!

on signing up you receive access to the private gold group, just for veteran rebels who have completed 5 or more missions. it's a place where you'll know and recognise each other from previous missions, without getting lost in the crowd of panicking newbies!

as a gold rebel you get access to all the silver workouts and bronze nutrition, with the added benefit of using the gold group for more advanced coaching support.

please note. we are limiting the spaces to 50, to keep this group small, intimate and focused!

*those signed up to the gold package get free access to bronze and silver.

Woman Bicep

applications now closed.

*applications close at midnight on sunday 07 January! once applications are closed we accept no latecomers to the mission!

Icon Medal Bronze


£20 per month

join the nutrition group

ready to retake control of your eating? choose this option if you want expert nutrition coaching.

  • discover real food nutrition
  • learn how to eat for your shape
  • enjoy tasty family friendly recipes
  • take control of your binge eating
  • achieve lasting weight / fat loss!

applications closed.

Icon Medal Silver


£36 per month

join the fitness group

ready to start your fitness training? choose this option for expert fitness and nutrition support.

  • 90 workouts over 90 days
  • boost your strength and cardio
  • improve your shape and tone
  • enjoy a shared journey to a fitness
  • includes access to bronze!

applications closed.

Icon Medal Gold


£36 per month

join the veteran group

want the highest level of expert support? this group is for rebels who have completed 5 or more missions!

  • a private group for veterans
  • numbers limited to 50 max
  • advanced fitness coaching clinics
  • a more focused, motivated team
  • includes access to bronze / silver!

applications closed.

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"rebelfit promises to build lean muscle mass whilst stripping away fat. the meal plans are easy to follow, super healthy and filling. within days my sugar cravings had vanished and my tummy was flatter, and by week three I had dropped a dress size"

- sian lewis. health and fitness magazine


"the support from the group, the rebel leaders and of course liam is very encouraging. i love my food and enjoy learning about nutrition to enjoy it even more. i feel more energised and my young children are taking more interest in healthy food which is so pleasing. i'll be happy and comfortable in my winter clothes that didn't fit last winter!"

- nicky garden

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