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guns'n'buns™ is our first ever strength training mission, focused 100% on helping you strengthen, sculpt and tone up your body!

this isn't just a mission.

this is a 90 day course in the science and techniques of dumbbell, barbell and resistance machine training.

you receive:

  • daily strength workouts
  • online strength coaching
  • expert nutrition coaching
  • facebook group support

guns'n'buns™ launches on 01 aug and ends 31 oct, with the option to try 30, 60 or the whole 90 days.

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Icon Who who is it for?

guns'n'buns is for anyone who wants to transform their shape and health through the power of strength training.

it's not just about building stronger, firmer, leaner guns and buns...

the benefits of strength training go way beyond looking good!

strength training is proven to:

• reduce your risk of diabetes* 
• reduce your risk of osteoporosis*
• reduce your risk of dementia*
• improve your mental health*
• aid long term weight loss*
• keep you strong as you age*
• reverse effects of menopause*

whether you're 20 or 90, unfit or super fit, lifting weights can help you live a healthier, happier, more confident life!


Icon Training how will i exercise?

from 01 aug you'll receive access to the private guns'n'buns™ facebook group where you'll start your strength training journey.

the mission starts with a simple strength test and taking photos (optional), so you can measure your results over the mission.

the mission itself is to see a visible change in your guns (arms) and buns (glutes), as well as an increase in total body strength.

every day we'll be posting a new strength workout, along with expert coaching in the form of videos, q&as and facebook lives.

guns'n'buns™ workouts range from 10 - 60 mins and come in four options:

• unfit (3kg dumbbells)
• kinda fit (5kg dumbbells)
• super fit (10kg dumbbells)
• gym fit (mixed equipment)

you wake up, you pick your strength workout, you get it done, then celebrate your success with your team!

all guns'n'buns™ workouts are professionally designed, safe for all abilities and can be done at home or the gym. if you have any injuries or medical conditions we'll suggest safe, alternative exercises!


Icon Nutrition what will i eat?

it's really important that you get enough good quality carbs, proteins and fats into your meals, both to fuel your workouts and recovery.

however, we don't want you spending your life in the kitchen, or frying your brain trying to work out your calories and macros!

that's why we've put together a selection of 30 nutritionally balanced meals that are really quick and easy to prep, as well as options you can buy ready made from the supermarket.

these can be mixed and matched with your favourite home recipes, ensuring your plan works with your family and summer social life!

we include options for veggie and vegan rebels too!

your guns'n'buns™ nutrition pack includes meal options and recipes, with the flexibility to add in treats! barbecues, parties and holidays are all part of the plan!


Icon Question got questions?

if you'd like to find out more about guns'n'buns™, or have any questions about the workouts or eating plan, please email us direct at gunsnbuns@rebelfit.co.uk


applications now open!

guns'n'buns™ launches on wednesday 01 aug 2018. applications close at midnight on tuesday 31 july, don't miss out! once applications are closed we accept no latecomers to the mission!

Icon One

one month!


pay as you go

this option allows you to try the first 30 days of guns'n'buns™, for rebels who want a short sharp blitz!

if after 30 days you'd like to continue with the mission you can pay for another month's access!

Icon Two

two months!

2 x £38

two instalments

this option give you access to the first 60 days of guns'n'buns™, with the option to switch missions after 30 days!

so you can choose to do either 60 days of guns'n'buns™, or 30 days of guns'n'buns™ and 30 days of yoga power™!

Icon Three

three months!

3 x £36

three instalments

this option give you access to all 90 days of guns'n'buns™, with the option to switch missions after 30 or 60 days!

this gives you the flexibility to try all of guns'n'buns™, or a mix of guns'n'buns™, yoga power™ and winter warrior™!

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"rebelfit promises to build muscle whilst stripping away fat. the meal plans are easy to follow, super healthy and filling. within days my sugar cravings had vanished and my tummy was flatter, and by week three I had dropped a dress size!"

- sian lewis. health and fitness magazine


"rebelfit changed my life, my habits and the way i look, but most importantly i finally feel happy with what i see in the mirror! so far i've lost 6 inches from my waist, i'm fitter and leaner. i never thought i could exercise every day, but with rebelfit there's no excuse to not fit the wods into your everyday life."

- daiva grigoniene

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