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Iron Body™ is a 60-day fitness mission for anyone who wants to build a stronger, fitter, firmer body.

Whether you're a newbie rebel lifting a 6kg kettlebell for the very first time, or a veteran rebel swinging 20kg, this mission will take your strength, fitness and physique to the next level!

• kettlebell workouts for all abilities
• expert strength & fitness coaching
• build a body to feel proud of!

Iron Body™ launches on Monday 06 September 2021.

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Icon Who Who is it for?

Are you a busy parent struggling to find the time for exercise? Are you a busy professional who has lost all your fitness and motivation to the pandemic?

Kettlebell training is the ultimate all-in-one workout, developing strength, cardio, core stability and flexibility in minutes. This makes Iron Body™ the perfect mission for busy people looking for easy-to-fit-in workouts you can do in your living room.

By the end of the 60-day mission you will be noticeably stronger, fitter and firmer, regardless of your weight, shape or size!


Icon Train Beginners Group

In the beginners group we'll be teaching you the foundations of kettlebell training: The Deadlift, The Swing, The Clean, The Rack, The Press, The Squat, The Lunge and The Halo. There will be a 4-day clinic on each, with expert feedback, advice and tips on your technique. Once you've learned all the moves we'll guide you through a selection 10-minute workouts.

Yes. You read that right. You can get seriously strong and fit by doing just three 10-minute kettlebell workouts a week!

You will need either a 6kg (very unfit), 8kg (unfit) or 12kg (kinda fit) kettlebell for this group. We recommend a 'cast iron' kettlebell rather than vinyl, as they are smaller and easier to manoeuvre.

• exercise safely and effectively
• improve your cardio & heart health
• get stronger & fitter in minutes!


Icon Mission Advanced Group

For veteran rebels, there is an advanced group where we'll be teaching you more advanced kettlebell technique, as well as inviting you to take on a fun and inspiring kettlebell challenge...

We've put together 15 of our toughest ever kettlebell workouts, guaranteed to push you outside of your comfort zone! The challenge is to complete all of them over the 60-day mission (1 every 4 days)! Whether you complete 5, 10 or all 15, they will take your strength, fitness and physique to the next level!

• one-to-one kettlebell coaching
• advanced clinics & technique
• achieve your strongest ever body!


Icon Speech Why join?

"I have just finished my second mission with Rebelfit. I no longer consider dieting or weight. I aim to fuel my fitness and change my body composition. My mental health is the best it has been (ever, maybe). If you can relax into the mission and trust in Liam’s knowledge then joining will be the best thing you ever do for yourself." - Caroline Robinson

"The results? I hit my fat loss goal and have maintained that for over 5 years now. At 50 years old I am fitter and more muscular than i have ever been and even my hip surgeon commented on my muscle tone." - Dave Wyatt

"Rebelfit has provided a safe place to learn new skills. Everybody is welcome, and there are no stupid questions. Training exercises are perfectly suited to your ability, and there is so much support available. Thank you Rebelfit, you’ve changed my life!"
- Natalie Hutchings

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Iron Body™ launches on Monday 06 September! You will receive your email invitation to join the private group then!

pay monthly

£36 per month

This option allows you to pay in two instalments. The 1st instalment comes out on signing up and the 2nd is one month later.

pay up front

£60 in advance

This option allows you to pay for the mission in advance. This also earns you a discount, saving you £12 on the full mission price.

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Our next missions launch on 6th September!

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"Dieting and exercising has gone and now I am happily eating and training! Feeling fit, strong and healthy. I understand the role of food now and I look at it in a different way which will keep me healthy for life. This is not a short term plan, it is education and valuable information that you can apply to your own life."

- Suzie Godfrey

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"It appears that dieters who manage to sustain a weight loss are the rare exception, rather than the rule. Dieters who gain back more weight than they lost may very well be the norm, rather than an unlucky minority."

- Dr Traci Mann, "Diets Are Not The Answer"


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