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we are at war with coronavirus. never has the nation's health and fitness been so important, all at a time when gyms are closed, many of us are stuck at home and our stress levels are rocketing.

rebelfit wants to do our bit, and what better way than a mission designed to protect the physical and mental health of the nation.

mission health™ is FREE for anyone who works for the NHS and just £12 per month for everyone else (a third of our usual price of £36 per month).

mission health™ is an ongoing mission that you can join at any time. click the 'get started' button to book now, or scroll to find out more...

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Mission Health

Icon Team who is it for?

mission health™ is a home health and fitness mission for...

nhs workers who want to reduce stress and anxiety.

key workers who want to avoid illness and injury.

isolated families who want to keep fit and healthy.

worried people who want to increase immunity.

mission health™ is for anyone who wants something positive and fun to focus on - a healthy distraction from the very difficult situation we all find ourselves in.

Mission Health Who

Icon Howitworks how it works?

on signing up you get access to two private facebook groups...

the training room » for all things fitness and physical health.

the recovery room » for all things mindfulness and mental health.

you can choose to join one or both groups depending on your goals. each group has a dedicated team of health experts who are there to guide you through the mission.

Mission Health Training

Icon Train the training room

no gym? no problem! rebelfit has 17 years experience in designing home fitness programmes that can be done in your garden or living room. join 'the training room' where we'll be sharing...

daily home workouts for all ages, sizes and abilities. these include bodyweight, dumbbell and kettlebell options.

weekly fitness missions to keep the whole family fit and active. perfect for keeping the kids entertained in isolation.

expert home fitness advice from our team of qualified personal trainers, strength coaches and yoga instructors.

all rebelfit workouts are rated 'unfit' (10 mins), 'kinda fit' (20 mins) or 'super fit' (30 mins) so there is something for everyone. we can also adapt workouts for you if you have an illness, injury or condition.

join the training room »

Mission Health Training 2

Icon Think the recovery room

whether you're a key worker working in a high stress environment, or a family stuck at home in isolation, we are all at greater risk of mental ill health. that's why 'the recovery room' includes...

daily mindfulness tips to help you and your family manage stress, reduce anxiety and keep calm.

daily self-care tips to ensure you are looking after yourself, so you can look after others.

expert nutrition support to help anyone struggling with overeating, eating addiction or alcohol dependency.

most importantly, the recovery room is a place where you can ask for help, get support and be looked after mentally and emotionally.

join the recovery room »

Mission Health Mind 2

Icon Speech why rebelfit?

"rebelfit has provided a safe place to learn new skills. everybody is welcome, and there are no stupid questions. training exercises are perfectly suited to your ability, and there is so much support available. thank you rebelfit, you’ve changed my life!"
- natalie hutchings

"trying just one mission has been a really exhilarating shake up for me and the results speak for themselves. i feel fitter in both body and crucially mind. the education that rebelfit gives on food and lifestyle is brilliant and more than manageable."
- dr giles dawnay

"the support from the group, the rebel leaders and of course liam is very encouraging. i love my food and enjoy learning about nutrition to enjoy it even more. i feel more energised and my young children are taking more interest in healthy food which is so pleasing."
- nicky garden

Philosophy Circle

the next cycle launches this monday!

mission health™ is an ongoing mission that you can join at any time.

join the training room here »

or join the recovery room here »

you will need to provide evidence of payment (your paypal automatic payment id number) or evidence that you work for the NHS.

book now!

£12 per month

payment is made in monthly instalments of £12. the first instalment comes out on booking and subsequent instalments come out in monthly intervals. you can cancel at any time but on cancellation you will need to leave the group.

sponsor a rebel!

£36 single payment

choose this option to sponsor someone and give them a place on the mission for three months. these spaces will be made available to those struggling financially at this time. we will let you know who you are sponsoring!

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next mission!

mission health™ launches this wednesday 25 march!

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"this has been absolutely life changing for me! for the first time everi feel like i can conquer my demons regarding food and weight loss. i have changed so much as a result of my first mission and am now getting fitter, stronger and leaner without stress, pressure or unrealistic goals. i have discovered a love for training and am enjoying food in a completely new way, accepting myself as i am while welcoming the positive changes i am seeing and feeling. thank you rebelfit!"

- sari kalanti

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"it appears that dieters who manage to sustain a weight loss are the rare exception, rather than the rule. dieters who gain back more weight than they lost may very well be the norm, rather than an unlucky minority."

- dr traci mann, "diets are not the answer"


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