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orgasms? owesome? omfg? on it?! mission O is all of these things: embracing the opportunity to be the healthiest, fittest, happiest version of you, whatever your shape or size.

big or small, fat or slim, lean or obese - whatever your body is right now is the perfect size to start living your healthiest, fittest, happiest life.

join us on this 60-day mission and let us show you how you are capable of so much more than you realise!

• launches on 06 sep 2019
• ends on 05 nov 2019

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Icon Who who is it for?

mission O is for anyone who is ready to...

• stop putting life on hold
• stop waiting to be happy
• stop being told what to eat
• stop being told they're unhealthy

health, fitness and happiness isn't a shape or a size. it is a skill, that you can learn and start practicing, right now!

not when you've lost weight. not when you fit back in your jeans. not when you're small enough and brave enough leave your house again. now!

whether you are 8 stone or 28 stone, you can start living your healthiest, fittest and happiest life the moment you make the decision to.

and the sooner you do? the sooner you regain control of your body.


"giving up dieting is one of the kindest and most positive things anyone can do for themselves. your body is an amazing machine that needs to be loved and looked after. rebelfit taught me that!" - heidi teague

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Icon Howitworks how it works

on signing up to the mission you get access to a private facebook group where the rebelfit team will guide you through the 60 day mission.

mission O starts with a simple belief:

"every day is an opportunity to be the healthiest, fittest, happiest me!"

which is why every day for the 60 days, we post either a new healthy eating, fitness or happiness skill.

day by day, as you practice these skills as a team, you will grow in confidence, care and pride in your body.


"i wondered how a facebook group could teach me things i thought i already knew. pah! all that has been turned on its head! i'm learning so much about myself and my relationship with food that i'll be indebted to rebelfit for the rest of my life." - angela ireland

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Icon Nutrition healthy eating skills

healthy eating is less about what you eat, and more about how you think about what you eat. there's no counting calories or points. it's just simple skills that improve your relationship with food.

healthy eating skills include:

• visually recognising good nutrition
• eating without guilt or judgement
• managing appetite and cravings
• embracing overeating is natural
avoiding dieting and restriction

over the 60-days you'll learn how to balance colour, freshness and goodness, with comfort, enjoyment and happiness.


"rebelfit has done in 3 months what slimming clubs couldn't do in 50 years. i am more at peace with food than i have ever been in my life." - shelia tate


Icon Training fitness skills

exercise is a celebration of what you can do with your body. no matter how big or unfit you feel right now, you can start celebrating fitness the moment you complete your first workout!

fitness skills include:

• cardio conditioning
strength and stamina
• posture and core stability
• yoga and flexibility
• rest and relaxation

all of which can be developed at any size, with workouts to suit every fitness level - from 10 minute home circuits, to 60 minute gym sessions.


"i'm strength training and feeling stronger and happier week by week! my name is jane and i'm strong, kind, fat, sexy, enthusiastic and loving life!" - jane wood

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Icon Think happiness skills

happiness isn't something you wait for or put on hold until you've got a six pack. it's a skill you can learn, practice and enjoy daily - with a belly and wobbly bits!

happiness skills include:

• living in the present
• giving up giving f**ks
• mastering mindfulness
• gratitude and kindness
• discovering your purpose

true happiness comes when you start doing all the things you've not done because you've felt held back by your size.


"before rebelfit i tended not to do things. since rebelfit i have been slowly expanding my comfort zone and basically saying f**k it, give it a go!" - kathryn shaw

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mission O launches on friday 06 september!

applications close at midnight on 05 september, don't miss out!

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"i am an obese man, and after years of trying diets, rebelfit has changed all that. i have changed my thinking, and changed the way i view food. now i am even running again. my shape is changing and my outlook is changing. the mission group contains unbelievable support from people who are just like me."

- alan stirling

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"it appears that dieters who manage to sustain a weight loss are the rare exception, rather than the rule. dieters who gain back more weight than they lost may very well be the norm, rather than an unlucky minority."

- dr traci mann, "diets are not the answer"


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