Icon Mission the mission

imagine how much healthier you'd feel if you exercised every day, for 60 days? that's the challenge. that's the goal. that's the mission...

to free ourselves from the fatigue of lockdown, by committing to doing something every day for 60 days.

if you're feeling tired and trapped, this is the mission to break the cycle and get you fit for freedom!

• 100 workout options for all abilities
• expert fitness & nutrition coaching
• daily motivation and team support!

mission freedom™ launches on tuesday 06 april and ends sunday 06 june 2021.

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Mission Freedom

Icon Who who is it for?

mission freedom™ has been specifically designed for rebels struggling with poor mental health, low energy and fatigue.

• do you feel feel trapped in a cycle of inactivity, overeating and complete fear when it comes to exercise?

• do you feel like you've lost all your fitness, your confidence and your belief in yourself and your body?

• do you worry about your health, your risk of type 2 diabetes, and don't know what to do or where to start?

over 60 days the rebelfit team are going to help you break free and boost your health, fitness and confidence!

Freedom 1

Icon Howitworks how it works

mission freedom™ is all about intuitive exercise - a tried and tested method for helping even the most demotivated rebels start getting fitter.

it starts by committing to turning up to 60 workouts over the 60 days of the mission. what you do in each of those workouts is based on tuning into your body, mood and energy that day.

some days you'll do less. some days you'll do more. but with time and training you'll soon "climb the fitness ladder", discovering motivation and a love of fitness you never thought possible...

Freedom 2

Icon Training team starters

rebels who feel like they're starting from scratch are invited to join team starters, a private group that includes...

• daily workouts from 5 to 15 minutes
• nutrition & healthy eating advice
• a safe space for all shapes & sizes

there is a huge amount of coaching, mindset and mental health work, helping you overcome your fears, learn how to exercise safely, and gradually break free from the cycle of inactivity.


Icon Train team advanced

rebels who feel like they're fairly fit are invited to join team advanced, a private group that includes...

• daily workouts from 15 to 60 minutes
• expert sports nutrition advice
• a shared challenge to peak fitness!

the main focus of this group is pushing that little bit harder and that little bit higher, seeing just how fit you can get in 60 days!

Summer Kettlebell

Icon Speech why rebelfit?

"rebelfit has provided a safe place to learn new skills. everybody is welcome, and there are no stupid questions. training exercises are perfectly suited to your ability, and there is so much support available. thank you rebelfit, you’ve changed my life!" - natalie hutchings

"trying just one mission has been a really exhilarating shake up for me and the results speak for themselves. i feel fitter in both body and crucially mind. the education that rebelfit gives on food and lifestyle is brilliant and more than manageable." - dr giles dawnay

"the support from the group, the rebel leaders and of course liam is very encouraging. i love my food and enjoy learning about nutrition to enjoy it even more. i feel more energised and my young children are taking more interest in healthy food which is so pleasing." - nicky garden


Mid Icon mission closed

mission freedom™ launches on tuesday 06 april! you will receive your email invitation to choose and join your team then!

pay monthly

£36 per month

this option allows you to pay in two instalments. the 1st instalment comes out on signing up and the 2nd instalment is one month later.

pay up front

£60 in advance

this option allows you to pay for the mission in advance. this also earns you a discount, saving you £12 on the full mission price.

sponsor a rebel

£10 donation

this option allows you to donate £10 towards our rebel sponsorship fund, to pay for rebels who ordinarily can't afford to join us on the mission!

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next mission!

our next mission launches on 06 april!

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"dieting and exercising has gone and now i am happily eating and training! feeling fit, strong and healthy. i understand the role of food now and i look at it in a different way which will keep me healthy for life. this is not a short term plan, it is education and valuable information that you can apply to your own life."

- suzie godfrey

Quote Bubble

"it appears that dieters who manage to sustain a weight loss are the rare exception, rather than the rule. dieters who gain back more weight than they lost may very well be the norm, rather than an unlucky minority."

- dr traci mann, "diets are not the answer"


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