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how fit can you get in a year?

what would you look like? how would you feel? how might your life be different if you took control of your nutrition and fitness? what could you actually achieve if you stopped fluffing around with diets and actually made the decision...

"that's it! i'm finally going to get fit!!!"

rebelfit is delighted to introduce rebel life™, our first ever one year mission! for the first time ever we'll be testing the results of four missions, 365 day's worth of rebelfit coaching, to measure the transformation both physically and mentally!

if you're ready to commit one year of your life to transforming your health, fitness and body shape, join the rebel life class of 2018 today!

the rebel life™ mission launches on 01 Jan 2018 and runs for 365 days until 31 Dec 2018.

want to get a head start? join the warm up group here! 

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Icon Who who is it for?

rebel life™ is for anyone who wants to spend one year of their lives getting as fit as they possibly can, measuring the results!

the people most likely to benefit from rebel life™ are:

• veteran dieters who have yo-yo dieted for many years, getting fatter and fatter, who now feel ready to do it the right way!

• tired, stressed out, busy parents who have lost control of their nutrition and fitness and want help to get back in shape!

• busy professionals and shift workers who want simple lifestyle strategies to eat better, exercise more and live healthier!

sound familiar?!

then join the rebel life™ class of 2018 and share the one year journey to fitness with other like minded rebels!

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Icon Choose what do you get?

the rebel life™ package that includes access to all four 90 day missions...

• fresh start™ (jan, feb, mar)

• beach body™ (apr, may, jun)

• summer strip™ (jul, aug, sep)

• winter warrior™ (oct, nov, dec)

the main difference is that we'll be measuring your progress monthly over the course of the year, giving you much needed motivation and proof that you're actually getting fitter and leaner!

at the start of the mission we will carry out a confidential health and fitness assessment based on 10 factors:

• weight
• bodyfat %
• waist-hip ratio
• 10 min max run
• 2 min max pushups
• 2 min max situps
• 2 min max kb squat
• 2 min max kb press
• max plank hold
• mental health questionnaire

those signed up to rebel life™ will have access to the private rebel life™ mission group, as well as access to the four 90 day mission groups.

at the end of the rebel life™ mission you'll have a file charting your health and fitness progress over the year, real evidence of your transformation from dieter to athlete!

we'll also be inviting you to submit your results to us anonymously, which will go towards our first ever one year exploratory research study into the benefits of being a rebel!

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Icon Question frequently asked questions!

how much does rebel life™ cost?

rebel life™ costs £36 per month (inc vat), paid in monthly instalments. think of it like a one year gym membership, except you're joining an online fitness club!

do i need to commit for the whole year?

the minimum commitment is 3 months (3 x £36), after which you can cancel if your circumstances change. we ask that you contact us to let us know your reasons for cancelling.

how is rebel life™ different to other missions?

rebel life™ is a package of 4 missions, with ongoing health and fitness assessments. you get the same awesome daily workouts, the same expert nutrition support and the same group motivation. however, it all comes with the added benefit of us measuring your results over one year!

how fit do i need to be to do rebel life™?

the more unfit you are, the greater your results will be! rebel life™ is open to anyone of any shape, size or level of fitness. we can offer advice and alternative exercises for even the most out of shape newbies.

what if i can't do a fitness test? 

then you simply don't do it! you make a note saying "cannot complete", which is a very good indicator of fitness at that time. if you then can complete it at a later date that's proof you're getting fitter!

what if i have an injury or an illness?

if you're injured, ill or have a medical condition at the start of the mission let us know and we can adapt the workouts and nutrition for you. if you get injured or ill during the mission, that's life! it happens! we work around it, adapt to it and keep moving forward!

what equipment will i need to buy?

initially you won't need any equipment as all the workouts and fitness tests can be done bodyweight. however, as you get fitter and stronger over the year (which is the plan!) you will need to invest in kettlebells and dumbbells. we can help you source these at very reasonable prices.

what foods will i have to eat?

we don't prescribe food lists or ban any foods. instead we educate you on real nutrition and help you to make the right choices based on your goals! this means we'll help you find the right balance between fresh, natural foods that fuel your training, and delicious, tasty foods that fuel your soul!

what results can i expect?

one year of focused nutrition and fitness can literally be transformational, both mentally and physically. and that's why we're putting it to the test! month by month you'll be able to see how much fitter you are, and after each mission we expect you'll see visible changes!

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Icon Training sold out

rebel life™ applications are limited to 200 spaces max! those who have reserved a place can sign up at anytime between now and 10 dec 2017, when applications close. for everyone else it is first come, first served! we'll keep you updated on the number of spaces so you don't miss out!

£36.00 per month inc VAT

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"rebelfit promises to build lean muscle mass whilst stripping away fat. the meal plans are easy to follow, super healthy and filling. within days my sugar cravings had vanished and my tummy was flatter, and by week three I had dropped a dress size"

- sian lewis. health and fitness magazine


"it hasn't been easy but with the help of rebelfit i'm now a toned size 10 - 12. i regularly do the workouts and no longer go to classes. i am the fittest i've been in my whole life and completed my first "tough mudder" last month. if you are thinking about doing a mission then i would urge you to take the plunge, it's worth it!"

- nicola church

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