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yoga power™ is our first ever combined yoga and nutrition mission, helping you develop a flexible body and mind!

  • daily yoga workouts
  • online personal training
  • expert nutrition coaching
  • facebook group support

yoga power™ launches on 01 september and ends 30 november, with the option to try either 30, 60 or the whole 90 days.

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Icon Who who is it for?

yoga power™ is for anyone who wants to improve their strength, flexibility and mindset around food.

this mission isn't just about training your body to move freely, it's about training your mind move freely too - eliminating any rigid, negative diet thinking that causes you to lose control around food.

join this mission if you want to...

• feel healthier, fitter and stronger
• increase your total body flexibility
• learn how to relax around all food
• reverse diet related weight gain

this makes yoga power™ the perfect mission for rebel newbies wanting to start getting fitter whilst reversing the physical and mental damage of chronic dieting.

Yoga Power 1

Icon Training how will i exercise?

from 01 september you'll receive access to the private yoga power™ facebook group where you'll be able to download:

• 4 'un-bendy' workouts (10 mins)
• 4 'kinda-bendy' workouts (20 mins)
• 4 'super-bendy' workouts (40 mins)

each workout combines a mix of strengthening and stretching yoga moves, helping improve your full body strength and flexibility. the workouts are also shared daily to the private facebook group so you can share the journey with other yogi rebels.

you wake up, you pick your yoga workout, you get it done, then celebrate your with your team!

you also receive 12 new yoga workouts every 30 days to keep things fun, varied and interesting!

all yoga power™ workouts are professionally designed, safe for all abilities and can be done at home or the gym. if you have any injuries or medical conditions we'll suggest safe, alternative exercises!

Yoga Power 2

Icon Nutrition what will i eat?

yoga power™ is a 90 day journey to unlearn rigid dieting and relearn flexible nutrition, the art of relaxing around food.

flexible nutrition starts with...

all foods are ok.

there should be no guilt, no shame and no negative thoughts when eating, only awareness, acceptance and gratitude!

this mindset around food instantly reduces your stress around food, which reduces binge eating and diet related weight gain.

there are no set meal plans. there are no set recipes. there are no rules around food, other than to unlearn all your rules around food.

think of this process like untangling your mind from points and syns and calories, helping you to make peace with food.

and for those focused on weight loss? you'll learn that the best way to take control of your weight is to lose the rigid diet mindset that's driving your binging and weight gain.

Yoga Power 3

Icon Question got questions?

if you'd like to find out more about yoga power™, or have any questions about the workouts or nutrition approach, please email us direct at info@rebelfit.co.uk

Yoga Power 4

applications now open!

yoga power™ launches on saturday 01 september 2018. applications close at midnight on friday 31 august, don't miss out! once applications are closed we accept no latecomers to the mission!

Icon One

one month!


pay as you go

this option allows you to try the first 30 days of yoga power™, for rebels who want a taster of the mission!

if after 30 days you'd like to continue with the mission you can pay for another month's access!

Icon Two

two months!

2 x £38

two instalments

this option give you access to the first 60 days of yoga power™, with the option to switch missions after 30 days!

so you can choose to do either 60 days of yoga power™, or 30 days of yoga power™ and 30 days of iron body™!

Icon Three

three months!

3 x £36

three instalments

this option give you access to all 90 days of yoga power™, with the option to switch missions after 30 or 60 days!

this gives you the flexibility to try all of yoga power™, or a mix of yoga power™, iron body™ and winter warrior™!

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it appears that dieters who manage to sustain a weight loss are the rare exception, rather than the rule. dieters who gain back more weight than they lost may very well be the norm, rather than an unlucky minority.

- dr traci mann, "diets are not the answer"


"rebelfit changed my life, my habits and the way i look, but most importantly i finally feel happy with what i see in the mirror! so far i've lost 6 inches from my waist, i'm fitter and leaner. i never thought i could exercise every day, but with rebelfit there's no excuse to not fit the wods into your everyday life."

- daiva grigoniene

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