Liam Circle

liam sartorius

my name is liam sartorius and i'm a freelance personal trainer and nutrition coach based in the uk.

in 2002 i gave up my law career to become a personal trainer. i had a vision, a dream, to train motivated people and help them take their fitness to its peak.

the reality was quite the opposite.

every client i signed up was overweight, obese, depressed, addicted to food and completely averse to exercise, to the point of hating it. and they all had one thing in common.

they had been through the diet industry and back again, picking up bad habits, eating disorders, negative thought processes and an unhealthy obsession with their weight.

they counted calories, cut out fat, spent hours trying to burn off their binges, binged more, exercised more and found themselves in a downward spiral towards obesity.

it was my job to get them out of it.

a decade later and i have completed over 10,000 personal training sessions, working with over 500 overweight and obese clients on a one-to-one basis.

many of them were successful. and many of them were not. but each one taught me something new about the physiology and psychology of body shape change.

but more than that, each client taught me that if we are going to end the obesity epidemic, and if we are going to help people overcome their food addictions...

we need to rebel against the diet industry.

rebelfit was born.

an online fitness plan that turns dieters into athletes.

Sarah Circle

sarah rammal

hi, i'm sarah and i've been a rebelfitter since may 2012 when i signed up to my first ever mission.

i live in sandy, bedfordshire, with my husband and two young girls. i am a freelance personal trainer as well as a rebel leader and i find the two roles sit nicely hand in hand! i have been taking part in rebelfit missions since may 2012 and i love everything about them - the training focus, the nutrition guidance, the accessibility for every fitness level and the range of fantastic rebels they attract from near and far.

my passion is strength training - in particular kettlebells. in fact i feel sure i was a russian olympian in a previous existence! i love helping clients to build basic strength and muscular endurance in day-to-day functional movements which, in turn, help them get fitter for the lives they actually lead.

many of my clients are parents of young children. many have them running around us whilst we train! i love exercise and training to fit around family life - because, let's be honest, if it doesn't, we don't do it - and rebelfit follows exactly the same philosophy.

Jo Circle

jo diplock

hi, my name is jo and i'm a personal trainer / pilates teacher / nutritionist/ pre-post natal specialist / mother / chief toddler negotiator.

amongst other classes and 1:1 sessions, i run post natal pilates classes in hertfordshire and bedfordshire for mums and babies which are created for friendships to blossom, moods to be lifted and bodies to be repaired all at the same time.

after the birth of my daughter i had to overcome the challenges of c section recovery and diastasis recti of 4cm separation along with the usual sleep deprivation that comes with a newborn. i had to learn to adapt my training to fit around my then limitations and into family life.

one step and core move at a time i've put my fitness back together and can actually say thanks to the focus of wanting to be fit for life with a child i'm fitter and stronger than i was before.

i love being active and feeling healthy, my dream is that my daughter grows up seeing exercise as something fun and that being active as just part of everyday life as opposed to a chore. i see rebelfit as a way of inspiring not only our friends and family but our next generation into a healthier way of life.

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