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Welcome to Sugar Fix™ - a 14 day micro mission designed to help you understand and manage your sugar intake!

In just two weeks, we’ll equip you with the knowledge and skills to navigate the often misunderstood world of sugar, backed by the latest scientific research.

📚 Dive into cutting-edge sugar science
🍇 Enjoy delicious, balanced meal plans
🗝️ Unlock the secrets of sugar balance!

Sugar Fix™ launches on Mon 03 June 2024. Book your place today to master sugar on your terms!

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Icon Who Who is it for?

Do you struggle to bypass the biscuit tin? Feel hostage to your sweet tooth? Then find the guilt that follows the hardest part to swallow? Sugar Fix™ is for anyone who feels they've lost control around sugar and wants to reclaim it!

Whether you're trying to cut back sensibly or simply want to make more informed choices, Sugar Fix™ offers realistic, research-backed guidance.

Join us on our first ever micro mission if you'd like to learn how to...

🤝 Make peace with your sugar habits
📊 Find a healthy, balanced sugar intake
🍪 Enjoy sweet treats, free from guilt!

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Icon Think Phase One

During Phase One, the first week, we'll be sharing all the latest science and research around sugar. As a team we'll be answering questions like...

🍏 What exactly is sugar?
🥄 How much is safe to eat?
😋 Is sugar addiction real or a myth?
🧠 What is the link between our psychology and sugar intake?

And perhaps most importantly...

⚖️ What can we do to manage our sugar intake, in a balanced, sustainable, diet culture free way?!

If you'd like the answer to these questions and more, join us for a deep dive into all things sugar!

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Icon Nutrition Phase Two

During Phase Two, the second week, we'll put theory into practice with expertly designed meal plans focused on managing sugar intake.

See this as an amazing opportunity to test drive your new mindset around sugar, with all the fun, guidance and support of the Rebelfit team!

Our meal plans include...

🥘 Healthy, family-friendly recipes
🍌 A balanced, safe amount of sugar
🍰 Delicious desserts, to enjoy guilt free!

Once the mission is complete you can take all your new knowledge, skills and confidence around sugar with you, living your healthiest life - with sugar in it!

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Icon Speech Why join?

"Rebelfit has provided a safe place to learn new skills. Everybody is welcome, and there are no stupid questions. Training exercises are perfectly suited to your ability, and there is so much support available. thank you Rebelfit, you’ve changed my life!" - Natalie Hutchings

"Trying just one mission has been a really exhilarating shake up for me and the results speak for themselves. I feel fitter in both body and crucially mind. The education that Rebelfit gives on food and lifestyle is brilliant and more than manageable." - Dr Giles Dawnay

"The support from the group, the rebel leaders and of course Liam is very encouraging. I love my food and enjoy learning about nutrition to enjoy it even more. I feel more energised and my young children are taking more interest in healthy food which is so pleasing." - Nicky Garden


Mid Icon Book your place today!

Sugar Fix™ launches on Monday 03 June. Book now to secure your place!

One Off Payment

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• This option allows you to pay for Sugar Fix™ in full. The cost works out at less than £1 per day.

• On completion of the mission you get a handy PDF with all the content to keep!

All Mission Access

monthly subscription

£29.99 per month

• This option gives you access to all available missions at any given time, including Sugar Fix™.

• You also gain access to Summer Strip™ and any other missions we launch!

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Our next missions launch in June 2024!

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"Great nutrition and workout advice as well as a motivating and informative community on your way to healthy eating, health and fitness. As a rebel you learn that life happens and not to beat yourself up because we all are not perfect. Perfection is not the goal - a better you is! Go rebelfit!!!"

- Duan Leverock

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