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Winter is coming. What better time to embark on a journey of transformation. Let's go head first into winter together and emerge as Winter Warriors, stronger and more confident than ever!

🎁 Get fitter & stronger for Christmas
🔥 Boost your metabolism and health
💪 Build a physique to feel proud of!

Winter Warrior™ launches on Monday, November 27, 2023.


Icon Who Who is it for?

Most people see winter as a time to move less and allow their bodies to grow weak and soft. Not Winter Warriors! For us, winter is the perfect time to grab our weights, challenge our bodies, and build a physique to feel proud of!

Our 30-day strength training mission is designed to harness the power of simplicity in the comfort of your home. No fancy equipment. No complicated routines. Just the determination to lift, train, and build your strongest winter body, with the amazing support of your Winter Warrior™ team.

There are 2 private coaching groups to choose from based on your desired level of training. Team Snow for newbies who are beginning their strength journey, and Team Ice for veterans who are ready to take their strength to the next level.

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Icon snowflake Team Snow

Team Snow will be taking a softer approach to their training, making it the perfect group for those starting their journey to strength.

This group includes...

• Daily 10 minute WODs using a mix of bodyweight toning, sculpting and strengthening moves.

• Workout options for all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities, with expert personal training support.

• Daily Facebook and/or WhatsApp group support, a fun and safe space to build your confidence with exercise!

Choose Team Snow if you want to...

• Build a stronger, fitter winter body
• Feel safe and supported with exercise
• Feel stronger, firmer & more confident!

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Icon ice Team Ice

Team Ice is for rebels who want to take on a much harder fitness challenge - to complete 30 days of winter training and visibly transform your physique!

This challenge involves...

• A daily 20 minute strength WOD targeting either chest, back, arms, glutes, legs or core.

• Options for kettlebells and dumbbells, with 3 levels to choose from based on your energy levels.

• Daily Facebook and/or WhatsApp group support, to share the experience and keep you focussed!

Choose Team Ice if you want to...

• Strength train at the highest level
• Take on a challenging new routine
• Achieve a visibly stronger winter body!

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Icon Speech Why join?

"I was dubious about committing to 30 days, but this is the best money I’ve spent on trying to increase my fitness for a long time. I initially thought 10 minutes wouldn’t make any difference, how wrong I was. 10 minutes is easily manageable, it’s prompted me to drag my bike out of the shed and get out more. The benefits have both been physical and mental and a confidence booster as I ticked off each day. If in doubt about doing this, please don’t you will not regret this! Thank you Rebelfit." - Lesley Winston

"I've really enjoyed this mission. I didnt think I'd manage to fit in 20mins of exercise every day, but a combination varied but simple workouts and amazing group support, made it much easier to achieve. I've noticed such a difference in 30 days, in terms of body shape, confidence and mood. Looking forward to the next one now!!" - Rachel Sanderman

"I absolutely loved this mission! It was my first Rebelfit mission and it did not disappoint. It taught me a lot about how much you can achieve in 20 minutes every day and I loved the choice of workouts and how clear they were to follow. I did a mixture of everything and it helped me realise that you don’t always have to do the toughest workout to make a difference to your body and mind! Above all, the team work and encouragement from the ladies on the WhatsApp group was absolutely incredible. Everyone was so inspiring, so here’s to the next mission!" - Ebony Parker

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Mid Icon Hurry, don't miss out! Book your place today!

Winter Warrior™ finishes on Boxing Day, so it's perfectly timed to get you fit and strong for Christmas! 🎅🏽

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Our next missions launch in November 2023!

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"Dieting and exercising has gone and now I am happily eating and training! Feeling fit, strong and healthy. I understand the role of food now and I look at it in a different way which will keep me healthy for life. This is not a short term plan, it is education and valuable information that you can apply to your own life."

- Suzie Godfrey

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