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Want to get fitter, leaner and healthier for summer, in a safe space, free from diet culture?

Welcome to Summer Strip™ - your 60 day journey to achieving your fittest, leanest summer body. Whether you're looking to lean up, tone up or simply embrace a healthier way of life, Summer Strip™ is your ultimate guide to helping you glow with confidence this summer.

Mission launch:

• Monday, 08 April 2024

Are you in? Let’s make this summer one to remember!

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Icon Who Who is it for?

Let's get real shall we? Summer Strip™ isn't about six packs and unrealistic goals that set us up to fail. It's about healthy fat loss, realistic workouts and expert support to make your leanest body a reality.

Whatever your starting point, there is a fitter, leaner, more confident version of you, ready and waiting to feel their best this summer. Let us help you reveal them!

There are 2 private coaching groups to choose from based on your desired level of training. Team Breeze for a more gentle approach and Team Blaze for more intensity and focus.

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Icon breeze2 Team Breeze

Team Breeze will be taking a more laid back approach to summer training, making it the perfect group for those starting their journey to fitness.

This group includes...

• Daily 10 minute toning workouts including a mix of yoga, Pilates and gentle muscle sculpting moves.

• Workout options for all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities, with expert personal training support.

• A selection of steady fat loss meal plans that are healthy, balanced and full of simple, tasty recipes.

Choose Team Breeze if you want to...

• Start burning fat slowly and steadily
• Feel safe and supported with exercise
• Feel healthy & confident this summer!

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Icon Choose Team Blaze

Team Blaze is for rebels who are ready for more intense and focussed training, with tougher workouts, tighter nutrition and faster fat loss in mind.

This group includes...

• Daily 20 minute metcon workouts, alternating between upper body, lower body and core training sessions.

• Options for home, garden or gym training, using a mix of kettlebells, dumbbells or machines.

• A selection of rapid fat loss meal plans that are calorie and macro controlled, taking out the guesswork.

Choose Team Blaze if you want to...

• Take your training to the highest level
• Carve out a leaner, stronger physique
• Achieve your leanest summer body!

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Icon Question Why join?

"Rebelfit has provided a safe place to learn new skills. Everybody is welcome, and there are no stupid questions. Training exercises are perfectly suited to your ability, and there is so much support available. Thank you Rebelfit, you’ve changed my life!" - Natalie Hutchings

"Trying just one mission has been a really exhilarating shake up for me and the results speak for themselves. I feel fitter in both body and crucially mind. The education that Rebelfit gives on food and lifestyle is brilliant and more than manageable." - Dr Giles Dawnay

"I sleep better, I am more relaxed and have a generally calmer life thanks to the extra exercise and endorphins!! I wouldn't have had the confidence or the knowledge to do any of this without Rebelfit and for all this I thank you from the bottom of my heart!" - Michelle Heath

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Summer Strip™ launched on 08 April 2024.

Full Payment

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• This option allows you to pay for Summer Strip™ in full. The full mission price works out at less than £1 a day!

• You'll receive your welcome email and group invitation on Mon 08 April 2024, then your mission begins!


two instalments

2 x £29.99

• This option allows you to pay for Summer Strip™ in two monthly instalments, spreading the cost.

• You'll receive your welcome email and group invitation on Mon 08 April 2024, then your mission begins!

All Mission Access

monthly subscription

£29.99 per month

• This option gives you access to all available missions at any given time, including Summer Strip™.

• You also gain access to Rebel Club™ and any other missions we launch!

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Our next missions launch in April 2024!

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"Dieting and exercising has gone and now i am happily eating and training! Feeling fit, strong and healthy. I understand the role of food now and I look at it in a different way which will keep me healthy for life. This is not a short term plan, it is education and valuable information that you can apply to your own life."

- Suzie Godfrey

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