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Are you ready for the new model of health?

We've had a question on our fan page... "I've been struggling with weight and body image for a long time, probably most of my life. Quite a few years ago now I lost a lot of weight and I was also fitter and enjoyed exercise at that time, but it was diets that got me there. I did gain some weight after a few years but nothing...

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The Deeply Disturbing Truth About Diets

Diet culture is incredibly persuasive and manipulative. The challenge is getting people to see this and understand this, when they're currently trapped in the vicious cycle of it all. Maybe this is you. Maybe you're trapped in diet culture and someone has directed you to Rebelfit to try and free you from it. But you just can't...

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Health - A Rebel Perspective

Once upon a time there was a security guard at a factory. One day he noticed one of the workers leaving the factory, pushing a wheelbarrow. Inside the wheelbarrow was a very small box. He stopped the worker and asked him, "what have you got in your wheelbarrow?", and the worker replied, "it's a small box". The security guard...

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Why Do We All Accept Being Lied To?

This is one of the most important posts I'll ever write, and one of the most important messages you'll ever get from Rebelfit. It summarises all the issues we're experiencing with our mental, physical and social health right now. We live in a society ruled by money. And where there is money to be made, companies will lie,...

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Sad Ok Happy

How Do You Think About Your Body?

"Hi I’m in a good financial position now, just joined rebel weigh! looking forward to changing my life for the better. I joined slimming world at the age of 13 as I pilled on the pounds through emotional eating by being bullied constantly at school... I started putting the weight on at age 7 and at age 14 I knew I was different...

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Skin Tanning

To Control Your Weight - Understand Your Weight!

"Hi rebelfit, I was fairly slim even after having my first baby, but I was very stressed. Iv now had a second baby and he is 18 months and I’m still big, I am over weight, 12 stones! And I’m not stressed, I keep myself happy albeit very very busy with work, 2 kids and now a single mum. I’m not obsessing about my weight or what...

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Woman Fridge

The Best Explanation Of Obesity You'll Read Today!

I'd like you to imagine you own a very small fridge. You go out shopping. You stock up on lots of fresh food. Then you fill up your small fridge when you get home. Over the week you eat from that fridge, and as the contents slowly runs out, you gradually refill it. Fill the small fridge. Eat from the small fridge. Refill the...

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Could Overeaters Anonymous Help You Lose Weight?

"I have a question, I have never dieted, the closest thing I found potentially helpful was the OA overeaters anonymous program, I just haven't stuck with it. I like it because it's not a diet and it's more of a life program, is your training twelve step friendly? As I would like to continue maintaining through OA once I have...

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Diet Confusion

If Diets Don't Work How Do You Lose Weight?

"If diets don't work, how the hell do you lose weight and keep it off? So, for background, I lost over 6 stone on slimming world after I had my second child. After returning back to work when he was around 11 months and I wasn't walking miles and miles a day with my push chair any more the weight started creeping on. Skip to...

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Stress Eating

Is Stress Causing Your Weight Issues?

"Hey, I have a question and I don’t think there’s an answer really but interested in your take. If stressors and emotional baggage are major factors in weight issues then what happens when they can’t be handled?" Hello and welcome to Rebelfit The short answer? They absolutely can be handled, and how you handle them is going to...

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Do You Keep Falling For This Diet Trick?

Science has proven, beyond doubt, that diets, in all forms, have a 95% failure rate. It doesn't matter which diet you try, or what the rules or style of that diet are, 95 out of every 100 people who try it will regain the weight. So why, when we know there is such a monumentally high failure rate, do diets remain so incredibly...

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Why Intermittent Fasting Won't Work For You!

"Hi Liam, I recently read the Fast Feast Repeat book about Intermittent Fasting, most of it made a lot of sense. What is your opinion of it? Does the restriction side of the fasting go against rebel fit? Thanks." Hi Jenny, thank you for your question :) Part of overcoming diet culture is overcoming the ridiculous belief that...

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