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New way

Are you ready for the new model of health?

We've had a question on our fan page... "I've been struggling with weight and body image for a long time, probably most of my life. Quite a few years ago now I lost a lot of weight and I was also fitter and enjoyed exercise at that time, but it was diets that got me there. I did gain some weight after a few years but nothing...

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Health - A Rebel Perspective

Once upon a time there was a security guard at a factory. One day he noticed one of the workers leaving the factory, pushing a wheelbarrow. Inside the wheelbarrow was a very small box. He stopped the worker and asked him, "what have you got in your wheelbarrow?", and the worker replied, "it's a small box". The security guard...

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Why Do We All Accept Being Lied To?

This is one of the most important posts I'll ever write, and one of the most important messages you'll ever get from Rebelfit. It summarises all the issues we're experiencing with our mental, physical and social health right now. We live in a society ruled by money. And where there is money to be made, companies will lie,...

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