1.Who are we?

Rebelfit is a health & fitness club that specialises in helping people rediscover their health, fitness and happiness after dieting. We offer a range of solutions to help you...

• heal the damage done by diet culture
• rebuild your relationship with food
• live a healthier, happier life!

We pride ourselves on treating all bodies with respect, and welcome rebels of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels to join us on our fun and friendly missions. No matter how big or unfit you feel, we can help!


2.What do we do?

The entry point for most rebels is Rebel Life™ - an online coaching group designed to help newbie rebels regain control of their weight and their health after years of dieting.

We created this club to offer people a safe, diet-culture-free alternative to slimming clubs. A safe space where people can work on their health, fitness and weight loss goals, without fear of fat shaming or restrictive diets that don't last.

The club is completely online, delivered via private Facebook group, email and e-books. On joining you get daily expert support from Liam Sartorius, an experienced personal trainer and weight management coach, as well as from the friendly Rebelfit team.

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3.What's a mission?

For veteran rebels living free from diet culture, we launch regular 60-day "missions" designed to take your nutrition, fitness and performance to the next level!

Think of each mission like an online health and fitness challenge delivered via Facebook, with online coaching to help you learn new ways of thinking, eating, exercising and living your life free from diet culture.

Missions include nutrition plans for all personalities, tastes and food preferences, as well as workouts for all ages, sizes and fitness levels.

As well as the daily coaching from our rebel coaches, you will also benefit greatly from the daily support and motivation from other rebels sharing the mission. We are a team. A community. A family. All living our lives free from diet culture together!

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