daiva grigoniene.

"rebelfit changed my life, my habits and the way i look, but most importantly i finally feel happy with what i see in the mirror! so far i've lost 6 inches from my waist, i'm fitter and leaner. i never thought i could exercise every day, but with rebelfit there's no excuse to not fit the wods into your everyday life."

Daiva Grigoniene

teresa bezeck.

"two missions down and i'm so much happier now i understand the science behind how my body works and i'm so glad i trusted the process. i'm now looking forward to the next mission and i feel really lucky to have found so many people who have been so supportive!! thanks rebelfit and all my fellow rebels!"

Teresa Bezeck

alan stirling.

"i am an obese man, and after years of trying diets, rebelfit has changed all that. i have changed my thinking, and changed the way i view food. now i am even running again. my shape is changing and my outlook is changing. the mission group contains unbelievable support from people who are just like me."

Alan Stirling

suzie godfrey.

"dieting and exercising has gone and now i am happily eating and training! feeling fit, strong and healthy. i understand the role of food now and i look at it in a different way which will keep me healthy for life. this is not a short term plan, it is education and valuable information that you can apply to your own life."

Suzie Godfrey

lee robinson.

"i have just finished my first mission with rebelfit and i am very noticeably slimmer with a more toned, stronger looking physique and am hitting new records of reps in the gym. i’ve already signed up for the next mission and will keep making more tweaks to get that six pack within the coming months."

Lee Robinson

holly miller.

"a year ago i was doing rebelfit when i fell pregnant. when i told liam he gave me all the advice i needed for nutrition and exercise. i'm now half way through my first mission postnatal and have already seen a difference in my body shape just from working on my nutrition. i'm even wearing jeans i bought pre pregnancy!"

Holly Miller

lynsey newbury.

"the results have been fantastic as i have lots of clothes to wear again! i have had so many health benefits that i had not realised, i thought i was getting old (i'm 52) and this was the way it was going to be. i was getting arthritis in my joints, especially my ankles and my thumb, but that has gone completely, so long live rebelfit!"

Lynsey Newbury

giles dawnay.

"trying just one mission has been a really exhilarating shake up for me and the results speak for themselves - chest lost 5 cm, waist lost 6 cm, love handles lost 4cm, hips 1 cm. i feel lighter and fitter in both body and crucially mind. the education that rebelfit gives on food and lifestyle is brilliant and more than manageable."

Giles Dawnay

annmarie miah.

"i am fitter, healthier and leaner. i enjoy shopping now with my girls and teenage grand daughter and have the energy to run around after the younger grand children. but the best part is being able to look after my husband when the carers aren't available. i have so much to thank rebelfit for and i'm looking forward to the future!"

Annmarie Miah

jen round.

"thank goodness rebelfit popped up in a friend's newsfeed on facebook! this last month has been a journey of the best kind and i feel in control of my eating despite sleepless nights with a baby. i am shrinking slowly but surely, my pre pregnancy jeans not only fit but are now becoming baggy and my waist is back where it should be!"

Jen Round

anjuli leahy.

"i saw rebelfit advertised on a friend's facebook page, and signing up is actually one of the best things i have ever done. in 4 months i have dropped 2 dress sizes, plus i understand where i was going wrong nutrition wise for all these years, and have to keep stopping myself from preaching lean, green, mean to all and sundry! try rebelfit - you'll be hooked!"

Anjuli Leahy

ben keene.

"doing rebelfit was the first time i've considered the importance food beyond fuel for getting fit. the ideas, motivations and community was brilliant and my diet has improved considerably. exercise wise i'm loving actually doing some home routines to complement my running and get a great workout in minutes."

Ben Keene

carmen gracey.

"earlier this year the weight piled on and i didn't understand why. i was eating all of this healthy food so why was i gaining weight? so i signed up to rebelfit thinking it would give me a push, but didn't expect to lose 7 inches in 4 weeks. it's fantastic and i can't wait for the next mission to see what i can accomplish next!"

Carmen Gracey

dave wyatt.

"the results? initially i stripped off inches from my waist and gut and added inches to my biceps and chest. i hit my fat loss goal and have maintained that for over 5 years now. at 50 years old i am fitter and more muscular than i have ever been and even my hip surgeon commented on my muscle tone."

Dave Wyatt

duan leverock.

"great nutrition and workout advice as well as a motivating and informative community on your way to healthy eating, health and fitness. as a rebel you learn that life happens and not to beat yourself up because we all are not perfect. perfection is not the goal - a better you is! go rebelfit!!!"

Duan Leverock

nicky garden.

"the support from the group, the rebel leaders and of course liam is very encouraging. i love my food and enjoy learning about nutrition to enjoy it even more. i feel more energised and my young children are taking more interest in healthy food which is so pleasing. i'll be happy and comfortable in my winter clothes that didn't fit last winter!"

Nicky Garden

nicola church.

"it hasn't been easy but with the help of rebelfit i'm now a toned size 10 - 12. i regularly do the workouts and no longer go to classes. i am the fittest i've been in my whole life and completed my first "tough mudder " last month. if you are thinking about doing a mission then i would urge you to take the plunge, it's worth it!"

Nicola Church

steve miles.

"when i started rebelfit i was disgustingly fat, with atrocious food habits and no exercise. quite frankly, i was a mess. i have regained my confidence, i feel great when i look in the mirror and i can now do 100 burpees whereas before i couldn't even run up the stairs. this was the best decision i've made in a long time."

Steve Miles

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