Liam Sartorius.

My name is Liam Sartorius and I'm a freelance personal trainer and nutrition coach based in the UK. In 2002 I gave up my law career to become a personal trainer. I had a vision, a dream, to train motivated people and help them take their fitness to its peak.

The reality was quite the opposite.

Every client I signed up was overweight, obese, depressed, addicted to food and completely averse to exercise, to the point of hating it. And they all had one thing in common: They had been through the diet industry and back again, picking up bad habits, eating disorders, negative thought processes and an unhealthy obsession with their weight.

They counted calories, cut out fat, spent hours trying to burn off their binges, binged more, exercised more and found themselves in a downward spiral towards obesity. It was my job to get them out of it.

Nearly two decades later and I have completed over 15,000 personal training sessions, working with over 1000 overweight and obese clients on a one-to-one basis. Many of them were successful. Many of them were not. But each one taught me something new about the physiology and psychology of weight management.

But more than that, each client taught me that if we are going to end the obesity epidemic, and if we are going to help people overcome their food addictions, we need to rebel against the diet industry.

Rebelfit was born.

Liam Sartorius

Suzie Godfrey.

I’m Suzie and I’m 41 with a big active family to keep up with! Since finding Rebelfit my life has changed and I know I was saved from going down the rabbit hole of diets and over exercising for the rest of my adult life.

Now I know how to train efficiently from home for the least amount of time to stay strong and fit and I’m very confident with family nutrition using strategies that I’ve learned over many missions. There is something very freeing about not obsessing over anything to do with food and just living a happy, stress free life.

The most important thing is that I know my children have witnessed my positive attitude to health and fitness and they will grow up without any hang ups about it. Thank you Rebelfit for filtering out the junk that’s out there!

Suzie Godfrey

Claire Ferrant.

I found Rebelfit back in 2013. I am 46 and a mother of 2 teenagers. I live in France where I teach English to Adults. I had done loads of diets since the age of 11 and Rebeltfit changed my life in terms of how I see nutrition and exercise. I’ve developed a healthy relationship with food, and I discovered that I could become the fittest and strongest I’ve ever been by working out at home!

I discovered a love of using kettlebells and learnt how to use dumbbells, all in the comfort of my living room. My life is hectic being a single mum, working full time, doing my martial arts and managing my house and garden. But being part of the Rebelfit family is now part of my life. The support and education we get from Rebelfit is fantastic; I’m always learning, progressing, and reflecting.

I can’t imagine not having Rebelfit in my life with the camaraderie and support from the groups, the regular workouts that are provided and the always interesting and thought-provoking information and education that is provided.

Claire Ferrant

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