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Slimming World To Take Legal Action Against Rebelfit.

Well, we pretty much could have predicted this. Here are the first two pages of the notice letter, and we've added our response letter below. We hope you'll support us with this. page 2... And here is our response... Just for those who don't know the law...The defence against defamation is TRUTH.Slimming World would...

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Finally The Truth About Breakfast Is Here!

In the space of the last hour I've been sent links to two completely opposing pieces of advice on breakfast. "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day" via Hashem Al-Ghaili "Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day" via James Smith...

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Obese Vs Thin

If You Are Losing Weight, You're Starving!

We've had a question on our fan page... "When I followed slimming world my typical days food would be either boiled eggs, banana and porridge for breakfast/brunch or at weekends an omelette on a bed of spinach. Lunch was something like a jacket potato, salad and tuna or soup or maybe a whole meal bread salad sandwich. Dinner...

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Omg Scales

How To Prevent Weight Gain After Dieting!

We've had a message sent to us privately... "I'm on slimming world and have currently lost 2 and a half stone since October last year. I still have another 2 stone to go and would appreciate some advice on how to do this properly as after reading your posts I'm worried about putting all the weight I've lost back on again."...

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Paper House

A Simple Lesson For Veteran Dieters!

How many people come to our fan page and claim... "I'm losing weight so my diet works for me!" Correction. Your diet is working for you now. Just as all the other diets you've tried worked for you once. But they stopped working, didn't they? And you regained all the weight, didn't you? And now you're on another diet,...

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If You Could See The Panic At Slimming World HQ!

"OMG! The rebels are coming! They're planning to hold a protest outside, demanding to know the science behind syns!" "It's ok! Just tell them the science behind syns, they'll go away!" "Are you mad??! There is no science behind syns, we completely made them up remember?!" "Oh yeah. I forgot about that." 😞...

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Obese Man

Why You Keep Gaining Weight After Dieting!

We've had a question sent to us privately... "Okay, I need some advice. Since losing 40kgs at SW and realising that their plan is designed to keep me going back I've adopted eating good natural food that I prepare and cook myself 80% of the time. When I do eat out I eat good quality. No junk. I also train at the gym with...

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Dont Diet Mummy

A Letter To British Children About Diets!

Dear British Children How much do your parents love you? That's a pretty big, bold question. And one I'm sure you'd answer "to the end of the world!" or maybe more, "to infinity and beyond!", and no doubt they do. Shall I tell...

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Kettlebell Clean

Earn Your Fitness With Rebel Badges!

Rebelfit is super excited to announce our new fitness badges for 2017! Not only are they a great way to measure your fitness, but they will also inspire you to train harder and smarter! Newbie rebels can aim for their bronze badges (1 minute tests), fitter rebels can aim for their silver badges (2 minute tests), and the...

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Banana Willy

Should We Be Trying To Quit Sugar?!

[warning: this post makes several references to my penis. look away now if you don't like penises] We've had a question on our fan page... "Liam, question for do u feel about the whole "I quit sugar" craze (coz it sounds like one tbh) that's going around now? It feels a whole lot like the "I quit...

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Tortoise Hare

The Only Way To Lose Weight Long Term!

We've had a question on our fan page... "How can you lose weight safely and permanently without ruining your body? Is it all about exercise and nothing to do with dieting at all?" What a fantastic question! And proof that rebels out there are...

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Diet Vs Nutrition

The Difference Between Dieting And Nutrition!

Not many know the difference. Some people think they're the same thing. A few people even come to this page and say... "Rebelfit is a diet! You're no different to Slimming World!" Ouch ;) So let's settle this one the best way I know. With a little rebel story! I'd like you...

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