Paper House

A Simple Lesson For Veteran Dieters!

posted on: March 23, 2017. posted in: Weight loss

How many people come to our fan page and claim...

"I'm losing weight so my diet works for me!"


Your diet is working for you now. Just as all the other diets you've tried worked for you once. But they stopped working, didn't they? And you regained all the weight, didn't you? And now you're on another diet, conveniently forgetting that all your other diets didn't last, but somehow this one magically will?!

If you struggle to understand this concept...

Imagine building a house out of paper.

And now imagine someone with knowledge, experience, research and evidence to prove paper houses don't last. They share that evidence to their fan page. But you, as the proud and currently comfortable owner of a paper house shout...

"I'm sheltered so my paper house works for me!!"

But for how long?!

You might enjoy a few months, a year, maybe even a few years in your paper house. And during that time you'd be singing its praises, telling all your friends, maybe even posing in Paper House Magazine.

But there will come an inevitable point where the paper becomes soft, the walls cave in and your house comes tumbling down.

Then what?

Sadly, most people look for a new paper house, arguing...

"My last paper house worked for me, so I'll just try a new one!"

They then spend their lives moving from paper house to paper house, living through the pain and torment of their home falling down every few years. And bizarrely, accepting that as the norm. And frustratingly, even blaming themselves! Not realising that Paper World are to blame for deliberately selling them a temporary house, so they can profit from their repeat business when it inevitably falls down. 

My point is this.

People choose bricks over paper for a very good reason, BRICKS LAST!


People choose nutrition over dieting for a very good reason, NUTRITION LASTS!

And just as a house is only a good house if it lasts a lifetime, a way of eating is only a good way of eating if it lasts a lifetime.

Houses that only last a few years are bad houses!! Diets that only last a few years are bad diets!

The success of any investment, be it a house or a diet, is measured by it lasting the duration for which you intended it.

You wouldn't settle for your house falling down every few years, so why do you accept it with your diets??!


[If you're a veteran dieter trapped in the yo-yo diet cycle, please feel free to email us for a non-judgemental chat about your weight and nutrition. Please allow one week for a response.]

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