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Earn Your Fitness With Rebel Badges!

posted on: March 13, 2017. posted in: Fitness

Rebelfit is super excited to announce our new fitness badges for 2017! Not only are they a great way to measure your fitness, but they will also inspire you to train harder and smarter!

Newbie rebels can aim for their bronze badges (1 minute tests), fitter rebels can aim for their silver badges (2 minute tests), and the fittest rebels can aim for their gold badges (3 minute tests). And if that isn't tough enough, see if you've got what it takes to earn one or more of our elusive black badges (4 minute tests)!

There are currently 40 badges to be earned across 10 exercises: Squats, Lunges, Pushups, Situps, Planks, Burpees, Swings, Cleans, Presses, Halos.

Here are the rules:

• to earn a badge you must post a video to your mission group wall
• your video must demonstrate the exercise with control and form
• if you pass you will be awarded your badge by a rebel leader
• if you fail you will be given expert feedback on your technique
• you can submit a maximum of two videos to the wall each day
• you must earn the badges in order, bronze, silver, gold, black
• you can keep a private record of the badges you've earned
• or we can keep a record for you via our new 'Rebel League'

So here are the badges!


squat-bronze.png#asset:511  squat-silver.png#asset:513  squat-gold.png#asset:512  squat-black.png#asset:510

bronze squat. 10 x bodyweight squats within 1 minute.

silver squat. 20 x 12kg kettlebell squats within 2 minutes.

gold squat. 30 x 16kg kettlebell squats within 3 minutes.

black squat. 40 x 24kg kettlebell squats within 4 minutes.

lunges-bronze.png#asset:491  lunges-silver.png#asset:493  lunges-gold.png#asset:492  lunges-black.png#asset:490

bronze lunge. 10 x bodyweight lunges within 1 minute.

silver lunge. 20 x 12kg kettlebell lunges within 2 minutes.

gold lunge. 30 x 16kg kettlebell lunges within 3 minutes.

black lunge. 40 x 24kg kettlebell lunges within 4 minutes.

pushup-bronze.png#asset:503  pushup-silver.png#asset:505  pushup-gold.png#asset:504  pushup-black.png#asset:502

bronze pushup. 10 full pushups within 1 minute.

silver pushup. 20 full pushups within 2 minutes.

gold pushup. 30 full pushups within 3 minutes.

black pushup. 40 full pushups within 4 minutes.

situps-bronze.png#asset:525  situp-silver.png#asset:521  situp-gold.png#asset:520  situp-black.png#asset:519

bronze situp. 10 bodyweight situps within 1 minute.

silver situp. 20 x 12kg kettlebell situps within 2 minutes.

gold situp. 30 x 16kg kettlebell situps within 3 minutes.

black situp. 40 x 20kg kettlebell situps within 4 minutes.

plank-bronze.png#asset:495  plank-silver.png#asset:497  plank-gold.png#asset:496  plank-black.png#asset:494

bronze plank. 1 minute plank hold.

silver plank. 2 minute plank hold.

gold plank. 3 minute plank hold.

black plank. 4 minute plank hold.

burpee-bronze.png#asset:483  burpee-silver.png#asset:485  burpee-gold.png#asset:484  burpee-black.png#asset:482

bronze burpee. 10 burpees within 1 minute.

silver burpee. 20 burpees within 2 minutes.

gold burpee. 30 burpees within 3 minutes.

black burpee. 40 burpees within 4 minutes.

swings-bronze.png#asset:528  swings-silver.png#asset:530  swings-gold.png#asset:529  swings-black.png#asset:527

bronze swing. 
10 x 12kg kettlebell swings within 1 minute.

silver swing. 20 x 16kg kettlebell swings within 2 minutes.

gold swing. 30 x 20kg kettlebell swings within 3 minutes.

black swing. 40 x 24kg kettlebell swings within 4 minutes.

cleans-bronze.png#asset:531  cleans-silver.png#asset:532  cleans-gold.png#asset:533  cleans-black.png#asset:534

bronze clean. 10 x 12kg kettlebell cleans within 1 minute.

silver clean. 20 x 16kg kettlebell cleans within 2 minutes.

gold clean. 30 x 20kg kettlebell cleans within 3 minutes.

black clean. 40 x 24kg kettlebell cleans within 4 minutes.

press-bronze.png#asset:499  press-silver.png#asset:501  press-gold.png#asset:500  press-black.png#asset:498

bronze press.
 10 x 12kg kettlebell presses within 1 minute.

silver press. 20 x 16kg kettlebell presses within 2 minutes.

gold press. 30 x 20kg kettlebell presses within 3 minutes.

black press. 40 x 24kg kettlebell presses within 4 minutes.

halo-bronze.png#asset:487  halo-silver.png#asset:489  halo-gold.png#asset:488  halo-black.png#asset:486

bronze halo.
 10 x 12kg kettlebell halos within 1 minute.

silver halo. 20 x 16kg kettlebell halos within 2 minutes.

gold halo. 30 x 20kg kettlebell halos within 3 minutes.

black halo. 40 x 24kg kettlebell halos within 4 minutes.


You ready?!

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