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How To Prevent Weight Gain After Dieting!

posted on: March 23, 2017. posted in: Weight loss

We've had a message sent to us privately...

"I'm on slimming world and have currently lost 2 and a half stone since October last year. I still have another 2 stone to go and would appreciate some advice on how to do this properly as after reading your posts I'm worried about putting all the weight I've lost back on again."

Ok, so you are currently losing weight.

That means you are in a "caloric deficit". Your body is eating less than it burns, so your body is burning fat and muscle to make up for the deficit.

The moment you go into a "caloric deficit", whether that be on the Slimming World diet, the Weight Watchers diet, or the Cambridge Diet, your body starts to ADAPT.

Your body interprets that shortage of nutrients and calories as a threat to your survival. The threat of STARVATION.

Think of it a bit like the economy.

Imagine you had a really smart bank account. One that could adapt itself to the current economic environment.

Now imagine that a recession hits, so less money was being paid into your smart bank account. And imagine that your smart bank account could tell less money was coming in, so it tries to PROTECT YOU, by adapting how much you can spend.

You go your smart bank account to withdraw £50.

But a message pops up saying...

"Sorry! You can only withdraw £20 today! As your smart bank account I have noticed that less money is being paid in, so I am defending your finances, saving you from potential bankruptcy!"

Well the body is very much the same! When a "caloric deficit" occurs, your body senses the shortage of calories and adapts itself by...

1. Slowing your metabolism,

2. Increasing your appetite, and

3. Increasing your ability to store fat

It's a bit like if a recession hits, your smart bank account adapts to protect you by...

1. Slowing your spending,

2. Sending you texts telling you to earn more, and

3. Saving every little penny that is paid in


And so...

Right now your "smart body", like your "smart bank account", is working hard to protect you from starvation. 

Yes, you may have lost two stone, but the longer you continue to starve yourself on Slimming World, on a processed, junk food, low-calorie, low-nutrient-density diet, the more you encourage your body to adapt and get fatter longer term.

These "persistent metabolic adaptations" (metabolism slowing / appetite increasing / fat storage increasing) are the reason why there is no such thing as a successful Slimming World member.

They all regain the weight within 5 years.

So you have a problem. A big problem in the form of your body now being better, more efficient and more adapted to STORE FAT.

Your only hope. Every slimmer's only hope, is to stop dieting, stop starving your body and start focusing on nutrition and fitness.

If dieting is like a RECESSION.

Fitness is like an ECONOMIC BOOM.

Filling up your body with nutritious food and training your body with exercise, is a message to your body saying...

"It's cool! You don't need to store fat anymore! You can burn it off and get lean, because there is no threat of starvation!"

This process takes years.

Reversing the damage done by dieting takes years. We won't lie to you or promise any quick fixes, that's what the slimming industry do.

But if you have the patience and the control over your mind to not be tempted to diet anymore.... to start loving, nourishing and looking after your body...

Keep following our fan page, and we'll show you how!


[If you're a veteran dieter trapped in the yo-yo diet cycle, please feel free to email us for a non-judgemental chat about your weight and nutrition. Please allow one week for a response.]

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