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The Best Explanation Of Obesity You'll Read Today!

posted on: October 03, 2020. posted in: Weight loss, Nutrition

I'd like you to imagine you own a very small fridge.

You go out shopping. You stock up on lots of fresh food. Then you fill up your small fridge when you get home.

Over the week you eat from that fridge, and as the contents slowly runs out, you gradually refill it.

Fill the small fridge.

Eat from the small fridge.

Refill the small fridge.

Pretty simple, right?

Now imagine a situation where you keep running out of food because your fridge isn't big enough to store all the calories you need. You go shopping and buy more food than usual, but when you get home there isn't enough room for it in your small fridge.

Initially this isn't a problem, you just ram it in wherever you can, but eventually there comes a point where you decide...

"I'm gonna need a bigger fridge!"

You now buy a medium size fridge, and the same process goes on.

Fill the medium fridge.

Eat from the medium fridge.

Refill the medium fridge.

Still petty simple, right?

And if you run out of food again, because your medium fridge isn't big enough to store all the calories you need, you buy a bigger fridge... and a bigger fridge... and a bigger fridge. Until you have a fridge big enough to meet your eating and calorie needs.

Well, bodyfat works very much the same.

We all start our lives with a small fridge, a small amount of adipose tissue, which is where our fat is stored.

But when we run out of calories our appetite increases, which is the signal to eat more, store more, and "grow a bigger fridge" so to speak.

And if that bigger fridge, that larger amount of adipose tissue and fat, still isn't enough to fuel us? Our appetite keeps increasing, the calories keep coming in and we "grow a bigger fridge", until our fat stores are big enough to meet our calorie needs.

If we keep running out of calories, even with our bigger fridge, eventually we grow such a big appetite and so much adipose tissue and fat that we become morbidly obese.


If you turned up to someone's house and discovered they had 3 massive fridges, two in their kitchen and one in their garage, you would know...

This person must have been running out of food a lot! So they've gradually bought bigger fridges and more fridges, to prevent that from happening again!

You might even say to them...

"Well I bet you don't run out of food anymore! 3 massive fridges must be enough to keep you stocked!"

And the same is true of bodyfat.

When I meet a client who is morbidly obese, the question that is immediately at the back of my mind is...

"Why do they keep running out of calories, so much so that their body has had to grow all this adipose tissue and fat?"

And the answer I always end up with? The answer I always come back to? The answer that has led me to launch Rebelfit's campaign against the slimming industry?


The person who has 3 massive fridges in their house is the person who once upon a time was repeatedly running out of food, forcing them into a situation where they've had to develop bigger and bigger fridges to keep that from happening again.


The person who has 3 stone of excess fat in their body is the person who once upon a time was repeatedly running out of calories, forcing them into a situation where they've had to develop bigger and bigger fat stores to keep that from happening again.

In both examples...


...is the driving force behind the growth of their fridges / fat stores.

Fridges are simply a way of storing calories externally. Fat stores are simply a way of storing calories internally. The more we run out of food and the more often we run out of food, the more likely we'll increase the size of our fridges / fat stores to stop us RUNNING OUT OF FOOD!

And this isn't some little theory of mine.

There is science and research and evidence to prove it.

"Recurring attempts to diet, by signalling to the body that the food supply is often insufficient, will lead to a greater fat storage than if food was always abundant. Our results shed light on the widespread phenomenon of weight gain during weight cycling and indicate possible interventions that may reduce the incidence of obesity." - source

So dieting and calorie restriction flicks a switch in your brain that causes your appetite, adipose tissue and fat stores to grow, protecting you from the possibility of running out of calories in the future.

Which means obesity isn't a disease.

It's a defence mechanism against running out of food.

A bit like having 3 fridges is a defence mechanism against running out of food - except the calories are stored externally, in the fridge, rather than internally, in your body.

Time and research and evidence has proven...

People don't get fat because they overeat.

People get fat because they RUN OUT OF FOOD, which is the trigger for their overeating.

At some point in the life of an obese person they were deprived of food (through poverty or starvation), or they deprived themselves of food (through dieting) and that was the trigger for their body growing their fat stores.

The solution is so obvious when you think about it.

Stop running out of food!

Ensure your body and brain has enough calories to feel nourished and satisfied, and you will stop the binging, the weight gain and the growth of your fat stores that is being driven by your repeated attempts at dieting.


p.s. If you'd like to learn more about nutrition, and how fuelling your body rather than starving your body can help reverse obesity, join us on Rebel Weigh™ this October! Book Now! »

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