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If Diets Don't Work How Do You Lose Weight?

posted on: October 02, 2020. posted in: Weight loss, Nutrition

"If diets don't work, how the hell do you lose weight and keep it off? So, for background, I lost over 6 stone on slimming world after I had my second child. After returning back to work when he was around 11 months and I wasn't walking miles and miles a day with my push chair any more the weight started creeping on. Skip to present day, baby is 8 years old and I weighed exactly the same as I did the day I joined SW. What's the answer because I'm back up to 18 stone in a stressful job that takes up most of my time, 2 kids who do a club almost every day of the week so I'm mums taxi after work and I'm pretty desperate?🤷🏻‍♀️ Thanks."

Hello and welcome to Rebelfit :)

The answer to your question is the Rebel Weigh™ mission. It is an 8 week course to help you find out...

1) Do I actually need to lose weight?

2) Are there other paths to health that aren't about weight?

3) And if I do need to lose weight, how do I do it?

Let's go through each in turn.


1) Do I actually need to lose weight?

Diet culture is the culture we live in that says "weight loss = health" and that "we should aspire to lose weight at all costs". It is an obsession with losing the pounds that has no basis in science or evidence whatsoever.

Millions of people are capable of being healthy, happy and living a fulfilled life at a heavier, bigger size. In fact, you, at 18 stone, have the potential to be 10x healthier than someone who is 8 stone. Because it isn't your weight that determines your health, it is your MINDSET and your BEHAVIOURS.

• An 18 stone woman with a healthy mindset (like mindfulness, acceptance and being at peace with her body and food) is 10x healthier than an 8 stone women with an unhealthy mindset (like over-stress, resistance and being at war with her body and food).

• An 18 stone woman with healthy behaviours (like exercising regularly, eating lots of fruit and veg, getting lots of rest and good quality sleep) is 10x healthier than an 8 stone woman with unhealthy behaviours (like being sedentary, living on processed diet food, and not getting lots of rest and good quality sleep).

This image sums it up perfectly...

Health Isn't A Size

So if you can change your MINDSET and your BEHAVIOURS, then it may well be the case that you don't actually need to lose weight to be healthy and happy...

You need to lose diet culture to be healthy and happy.


2) Are there other paths to health that aren't about weight?

On the Rebel Weigh™ mission we teach newbie rebels about 4 unique paths to health, all of which have nothing to do with weight.

The Acceptance Path is all about accepting your body as it is right now (its weight, its shape, its size, its injuries, illnesses and conditions, all its imperfections) and not allowing those imperfections to stop you from living your healthiest, happiest life. It's not about loving your body. It's about making the decision to no longer let your body stop you living your best life.

The Lower Set Point Path is all about switching your focus from food and exercise, towards looking at the unique factors in your life that are driving binge eating and inactivity. By resolving the pain and the triggers that are driving your binge eating and inactivity, weight reduction occurs naturally. Without even thinking about it. Without even trying.

The Composition Path is all about getting focused on what your body is made of, rather than what your body weighs. You could lose 20lbs of fat, gain 20lbs of muscle, and weigh exactly the same on the scales. But that change in composition will improve your health, performance and how you feel about your body. It's about making your body a project, rather than a source of pain.

The Performance Path is all about focusing on what you can do with your body, rather than what it weighs. Fitness, strength and other elements of physical performance can be improved at any size, and bring mental and physical health benefits that are 10x better for you than weight loss. A fit, active, 18 stone woman is 10x healthier than an unfit, inactive 8 stone woman.

So on the Rebel Weigh™ mission we'll teach you about each of these paths, as well as help you find the right path for you.

One thing is for certain...

Any of the above are going to be far healthier and far happier for you than the path you've been on so far - The Diet Path has been slowly killing you.


3) And if I do need to lose weight, how do I do it?

For some people weight reduction is necessary for their health and performance, nobody can deny this. So if you do need to weigh less then there is a healthy, sustainable, safe way to go about it.

This is The Lower Set Point Path.

Instead of trying to force yourself to "eat less, exercise more" (which lets face it, hasn't worked for you or anyone else, has it!) The Lower Set Point Path involves identifying and eliminating the things in your life driving you to "eat more, exercise less". It's a subtle shift, but it is the only way to join the 5% of people who reduce their weight permanently.

It's about changing the questions you ask.


"How can I restrict what I eat? Which diet should I try?"


"What are the unique biological, psychological, emotional, social and cultural factors in my life that are causing my weight gain?"

And when you find them, identify them and work on them? Weight reduction occurs naturally and sustainably. Anyone you know or have ever heard of who has lost weight and kept it off long term did it via The Lower Set Point Path (even if they didn't realise it themselves).

More on the next mission!!


p.s. Trust me, this isn't a hard sell, but you need to join us on Rebel Weigh™, it will get you on the right path and CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Don't keep doing what you're doing, you'll end up heavier, more depressed and more out control longer term! Please Join Us! »

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