Do You Keep Falling For This Diet Trick?

posted on: September 29, 2020. posted in: Weight loss, Nutrition

Science has proven, beyond doubt, that diets, in all forms, have a 95% failure rate. It doesn't matter which diet you try, or what the rules or style of that diet are, 95 out of every 100 people who try it will regain the weight.

So why, when we know there is such a monumentally high failure rate, do diets remain so incredibly popular?

Time for a rebel analogy...

I'd like you to imagine a high street with 100 shops. Now these are no ordinary shops. Each of these shops only sells ONE type of clothes, in ONE size.

So there's a shop that only sells dresses in a size 14. There's another shop that only sells tracksuits in a size 10. There's another shop that only sells trousers in a size 16. There's another shop that only sells jeans in a size 12. The list goes on. For all 100 shops.

Each selling...

ONE type of clothes. In ONE size.

Now imagine for a moment that we asked 100 random people to walk into one of those shops, and only one of those shops. For example, we asked 100 random people to walk into the "Size 12 Jeans Shop".

Guess what?

About 5 of those 100 people are going find something that they want in exactly their size! They are going to be a size 12, and be looking specifically for jeans because that's their unique style. That they found something they were looking for in exactly their size was a PURE FLUKE!

But the shop might take their story and their success and get them to say...

"The Size 12 Jeans Shop worked for me!!"

People then see it's worked for these people. They walk into the Size 12 Jeans Shop. Then they're left disappointed when they find nothing that suits them, and nothing in their size, meaning they join the 95% of people FAILED by that shop.

So why am I telling you this?

Diets work exactly the same!

Each diet sells ONE type of eating, and ONE amount of food, which is the nutritional equivalent of a shop selling ONE type of clothes, in ONE size. That it works for some people... an incredibly rare 5%... is just a fluke! It's just numbers! It's just statistics!

If 100 people walk into the Size 12 Jeans Shop, about 5 will find something that fits. And if 100 people start the [insert the name of your latest diet], about 5 will find something that produces results.

When those 5 people shout "IT WORKS FOR ME!" that doesn't mean the shop, or the diet, really works for people. It simply means they got lucky in that they arrived at a shop, or on a diet, that fitted their unique needs.

What Rebelfit is trying to teach people on Rebel Weigh™ is that you need to approach nutrition and weight management the exact same way you approach clothes shopping.

You would never spin the roulette wheel and rock up to a random shop that only sold ONE type of clothes in ONE size and hope the type and size fits. Instead, you go to a shop that provides many styles of clothes, in many sizes, that can be tried on and tailored to your unique style and size.

We all need to stop falling for the diet trick of seeing a diet work for a TINY FRACTION of the 1000s who try it, then hope and pray that it might just work for us. It most likely won't!!

A far better approach is to KNOW your unique style, KNOW your unique size, and KNOW what you actually want out of life, then tailor your nutrition accordingly.

IF you want the results to last.

And if you don't?

Go spin the diet roulette wheel.


p.s. For anyone looking to learn how to make their nutrition fit like a glove and see results that actually last the distance, join us on Rebel Weigh™, coming this October! Book Now! »

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