Why Intermittent Fasting Won't Work For You!

posted on: September 29, 2020. posted in: Weight loss, Nutrition

"Hi Liam, I recently read the Fast Feast Repeat book about Intermittent Fasting, most of it made a lot of sense. What is your opinion of it? Does the restriction side of the fasting go against rebel fit? Thanks."

Hi Jenny, thank you for your question :)

Part of overcoming diet culture is overcoming the ridiculous belief that you're going to find a way of eating that works for you in a book... or on a diet... or on any kind of plan.

Your way of eating...

i.e. "The Jenny Eating For Success Method" a book that needs to be written by YOU, a book that will only work for YOU, and a book you already have in your head...

You just need to write it!

So why haven't you written it?

Because you're too busy reading about what has worked for other people, rather than putting your time and energy into finding what works for you!!!

I've not read Fast Feast Repeat, but I can tell you with absolute confidence that I bet it works perfectly for the author of that book, hence them writing it!!! Then they've done what most "experts" in health, nutrition, fitness do, which is make this fatal assumption...

"Well this worked for me so it should work for everyone else!!"

But we aren't bloody clones! Living identical lives! With identical genetics, hormones, environments, finances, relationships and 1000 other factors!

We are all UNIQUE!

And we all need to experiment with nutrition, and find our own unique path, rather than trying to follow everyone else's rules.

So here's what I recommend...

Only read books, and only take advice, from people who are trying to empower you to find YOUR WAY, rather than trying to convince you to follow THEIR WAY.

On the Rebel Weigh™ mission you'll learn something so important that I'm going to make you tattoo it on the inside of your eyelids...

You ready?

Whatever way of eating you find needs to feel so comfortable and so sustainable, that it requires minimal energy to maintain it, meaning you can maintain it for life.

Which means....

Finding a nutritional approach that is so tailored to you that it feels completely easy and natural to follow it. You don't even have to follow it. It just happens. It's just intuitive. It just flows, even when you're tired, or stressed or broke, or busy...

The opposite of this?

Trying to stick to the rules laid out in Fast Feast Repeat... not being able to stick to it because it's an approach tailored to the author, not you... meaning you can't stick to it and it turns into every other diet book you've ever read...


We want to stop that story.

And write a new story.

And I repeat...

That book can only be written by you.

The 5% of people maintaining their weight losses and in control of their health and their bodies got there through finding their own path, and writing their own method, not following someone elses.


p.s. For anyone who is ready to give up trying to stick to other peoples' diet rules and start writing their own, join us on Rebel Weigh™, coming this October! Book Now! »

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