Group Support Circle

you might be wondering what makes us different.

well, we’re called rebelfit for a reason.

we’ve rebelled against the fad diets, the fitness crazes, the pills and the gimmicks that might seem like they’re working in the short term but inevitably lead to a life of food addiction, weight obsession, and often even obesity.

sound familiar? if so, come and rebel with us!

our unique philosophy and cutting edge weight loss and fitness approach is based around 3 very simple principles.

Daily Coaching Circle

Icon Think think fit

your strongest muscle is your mind. it can also be your worst enemy.

if you want to get fitter, stronger and leaner, it is imperative you understand and train your mind.

at rebelfit we employ evolutionary and nutrition psychology principles throughout all our missions to help you understand the emotions around why you eat what you do.

our rebel leaders will coach you through this process and the support of the group will over time help you succeed in the process.

"now i understand the science behind how my body works and i'm so glad i trusted the process."
- teresa bezeck

Eat Circle

Icon Eat eat fit

rebelfit nutrition is all about going back to basics. no pills. no shakes. no products. no nonsense. just real, natural, colourful, minimally processed food.

one size fits all does not apply to nutrition, so we’ll help you design a personalised meal plan that works for you, tailored to your meal preferences and unique goals, and that works for your family too.

the secret to creating a sustainable nutrition plan is flexibility, which is why we teach you to alter, adjust and adapt your meal plan to your ever-changing lifestyle.

the best nutrition isn’t rigid, it bends and flows.

"i understand the role of food now and i look at it in a different way which will keep me healthy for life. this is not a short-term plan, it is education and valuable information that you can apply to your own life."
- suzie godfrey

Train Circle

Icon Train train fit

if there is one word to describe rebelfit training, it would be realistic.

how many times have you started an exercise programme only to give up when life gets in the way? we all lead busy lives with family, work and a never-ending diary of social commitments, which means setting realistic fitness goals is the key.

we start out of shape newbies with a very light programme of exercise, building their fitness week by week, mission by mission. once you are feeling fit and feel up for a challenge, rebelfit offers some seriously tough workouts for you to test yourself against!

“the workouts can be slotted into even the most hectic lifestyle and the eating plan is realistic and never leaves you hungry!”
- laura scarlett

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i am an obese man, and after years of trying diets, rebelfit has changed all that. i have changed my thinking, and changed the way i view food. now i am even running again. my shape is changing and my outlook is changing

- alan sterling

stay in control of your body and nutrition


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