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This November we are launching two missions...

Sugar Fix 2
Sugar Fix™

Choose this mission if you want to understand sugar...

Rock Solid™

Choose this mission if you want to get stronger & fitter...

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"I am an obese man, and after years of trying diets, Rebelfit has changed all that. I have changed my thinking, and changed the way I view food. Now I am even running again. My shape is changing and my outlook is changing."

- Alan Sterling

stay in control of your body and nutrition

Sad Ok Happy

How Do You Think About Your Body?

"Hi I’m in a good financial position now, just joined rebel weigh! looking forward to changing my...

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Skin Tanning

To Control Your Weight - Understand Your Weight!

"Hi rebelfit, I was fairly slim even after having my first baby, but I was very stressed. Iv now had...

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Woman Fridge

The Best Explanation Of Obesity You'll Read Today!

I'd like you to imagine you own a very small fridge. You go out shopping. You stock up on lots of...

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