what is rebelfit?

rebelfit is an online fitness club that turns dieters into athletes. if you're feeling unfit and out of shape after years of yo-yo dieting, we can help you regain control and start you on your journey to health, fitness and happiness!

how does it work?

every so often we launch a new nutrition and fitness plan called a"mission", lasting anywhere from 30 days up to 6 months. on signing up to a mission you are invited to join a private facebook group where you can download everything you need to complete it - from food options and meal plans, to home and gym workouts. once the mission starts we use the power of facebook to guide, inspire and support each other through it, with expert personal training support. mission by mission you will learn the science and secrets of nutrition and training, helping you take your health, fitness and happiness to its peak!

how much does it cost?

rebelfit missions cost £20 per month (early bird) or £36 per month (standard). payments can be made in full or in instalments via PayPal.

i’m really unfit, can i do rebelfit?

yes! the more unfit you are, the more you’re set to gain! most rebels are overweight or obese when they first sign up. we’ll get you started with the basics, ensuring a slow, steady and safe journey to fitness!

i’m injured, can i do rebelfit?

yes! we can help you adjust your workouts and training around your injury. alternatively you can focus purely on the nutrition missions while you’re recovering. either way, there’s no reason to let injury hold you back!

i have a medical condition, can i do rebelfit?

yes! a qualified personal trainer will be able to advise you once the mission begins. depending on your condition we can adjust your plan to your needs. however, we recommend speaking to your doctor before starting an exercise and nutrition plan.

i’m pregnant, can i do rebelfit?

yes! we offer specific pre and postnatal exercise and nutrition guidance. this includes exercise and nutrition advice when breastfeeding. please let your rebel leader know your history and any medical conditions when the mission launches and they will advise you accordingly.

i’m super fit, will rebelfit challenge me?

yes! you can choose from our range of training plans that get progressively harder. if you think you're fit, try taking on our toughest strength and hiit workouts!

how much exercise will i need to do?

as little or as much as you like! if you’re just getting started, just one 10 minute workout a week is enough to start you on your journey to fitness. as you progress and get fitter, this will increase to three 10 minute workouts a week. then if you’re pushing for your peak fitness, you might be aiming for anything up to five 45 minutes workouts a week. it all depends on where you are now, and where you aspire to be!

i’m vegetarian / vegan, can i do rebelfit?

yes! we have lots of vegan and veggie rebels taking part in the missions! your mission pack includes a selection of vegetarian and vegan meal options. you can also adapt any of the non-veggie meals with a few tweaks to the ingredients list. we also have a new mission called plant power™ which is a 30-day vegan / vegetarian nutrition mission.

will i need to eat weird or expensive food on rebelfit?

rebelfit nutrition is simple and affordable! there are no whacky ingredients, we recommend a mix of fresh foods, moderately processed foods and highly processed foods. all rebelfit nutrition starts from an understanding that "all foods are ok", which means no foods are banned, vilified or taken off the menu. food is our friend, we love food!

will i have to cook?

yes, you will have to cook! but rebelfit nutrition is all about balance, so we aren't going to make you live in your kitchen. some nutrition missions are more relaxed around food, and some nutrition missions are more controlled around food. harder nutrition missions will require more time in the kitchen, but we'll help you find easier, faster ways to prepare your food.

are rebelfit meals family friendly?

yes! all our recipes will be a hit with your family, and can be adapted for those who want a bit more stodge! we have some nutrition missions that are specifically aimed at improving family nutrition, so you can take them on with your partner and kids!

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