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A Challenge For Juice Plus Reps!

posted on: December 17, 2016. posted in: Nutrition

Dear Juice Plus Rep

I'm going to be honest.

Brutally honest.

I'm trying my hardest to be nice on this blog.

I've got a bad reputation for ranting, swearing and generally getting pissed off at the nonsense spouted by the food and diet industry.

Nonsense like Juice Plus.

But every so often, just when I'm starting to be cool, calm and nice... one of you reps pops up here spouting your mumbo jumbo, pseudo-scientific bullsh*t... 

And I f**king lose it!!

It makes me so f**king angry!!

The lies. The deception.

And perhaps most of all...


It's always the same.

Katie pops up telling us not to eat real apples because they contain fructose, as if the natural sugar in fruit is poisonous.

Vicky pops up telling us that real fruit and veg is deficient in vitamins and minerals, as if we can't survive on it.

You all use the same campaign of FEAR to convince people they need your Juice Plus crap.

"Real fruit and veg isn't nutritious enough! You need to take our pills for £££ a month to boost your nutrient intake!"


Absolute. F**king. Scaremongering. Boll*cks.

And even if this were true (which it clearly isn't!!!), taking a basic, cheap, broad spectrum multivitamin would quickly solve the problem, without your overpriced crap.

But when I challenge you Juice Plus reps.

When I ask you...

"Can you provide any solid research or evidence to prove that supplementing with Juice Plus is better than just eating a diet rich in real fruit and veg?"

You direct me to the same flakey, misleading research...

Research I'm pretty sure you've NEVER READ.

Because if you had, you wouldn't believe in Juice Plus.

Now, thankfully I'm not thick.

Which means when someone throws research at me, I don't bow down and say "Oh! You've got real research! Ok then, take all my money!!"

I actually take the time to STUDY IT. 

I've read and studied the research you rely on so heavily to prove the health benefits of your powders and pills.

Guess what?

Every last study.

Every last piece of Juice Plus research...

Does ONE THING and one thing only.

It proves that within real fruit and vegetables there are good things (phytochemicals and micronutrients) that improve health.

Which begs the question...

If real fruit and veg contains good stuff...

Why bother extracting it???

Why not just eat THE REAL F**KING THING??

So yes, your research proves the benefits of phytochemicals and micronutrients... BRA-F**KING-VO.

We f**king knew this already!!

Fruit and veg is healthy!!

Anyone who doesn't know that is a f**king clown!!

But what your research doesn't prove, hasn't proved, and will never prove, is that taking Juice Plus is better than eating real fruit and veg alone.

Where is that research study??

Where is that evidence??

The evidence that says...

"We proved supplementing with Juice Plus improves X health marker, more so than just eating real fruit and veg alone."


So here's your challenge.

If you can find that research.

If you can dig through all your sales scripts, all your pdfs, all your youtube clips, and all your research links...

And provide that one piece of research.

I'll make my balls the banner of this blog.


I'll cover my balls in Nutella.

I'll dust them with crushed hazelnuts.

Then I'll make that the banner of this blog.


Make my balls proud.


p.s. I seriously will! Share this with any Juice Plus reps you know, and if one of them provides that research, I'll go out and stock up on Nutella!

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