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Are You In Denial About The Cause Of Your Weight?

posted on: November 14, 2016. posted in: Weight loss, Mindfulness

Time for another little rebel story...

I'd like you to imagine you're on a rowing boat. A small, wooden, fairly basic rowing boat, that you're gently rowing out to sea.

You're enjoying your journey, the sound of the waves and the water, but suddenly you notice a problem. The bottom of your boat is slowing filling with water, and it's pretty clear that if it continues you'll SINK.

You row your boat back to shore. And when you finally arrive home you do some Googling for a solution to your problem.

"Rowing boat filling with water, need help!"

The search results are in.

100s, potentially 1000s of companies, all promising a quick, simple solution, so that you can enjoy your rowing trips without sinking.

"Introducing The Bucket Plan! Our scientifically proven bailing system has helped millions of rowers worldwide!"

Wow! That sounds like just what you need!

So you purchase The Bucket Plan and take your new bucket with you on your next rowing trip, confident that it's going to solve the problem.

You row out to sea. You enjoy the sound of the waves and the water. But soon enough, as expected, your rowing boat starts to fill with water. You pull out your new bucket and start bailing. And yes... for while it seems to work...

"This bucket is awesome, I love it!" you scream.

But whilst it's doing a good job of bailing the water, you're not convinced that it's doing the job fast enough. There must be a FASTER option.

Back to shore you row. Back to Google you go.

"Fastest bucket for bailing water!"

Over the coming weeks, months and years, you try BailFast, BucketWorld, BucketWatchers, BucketPlus, BucketLife... you even get desperate and start trying dodgy websites such as MiracleBucket, TurboBucket and BucketBlitz.

You jump from bucket to bucket.

Always hoping and expecting the next one to be better... and faster...

But ultimately you KEEP... ON...  SINKING.

Eventually you decide it's time to throw some serious money at this, so you decide to take on a Personal Bucket Trainer, who teaches you advanced bailing techniques.

You try them. They work for a bit. But still... your boat... keeps FILLING... and still... your boat... keeps SINKING.

So you blame your bucket trainer. And then your next bucket trainer. And then your online bucket training group. 

Never stopping. Never questioning. Never asking...

"What if I fixed the leak?"


The rowing boat is your BODY.

The water filling the boat is FAT.

The buckets are DIETS.

The bucket trainers are PERSONAL TRAINERS.

Too many people jump from diet to diet... personal trainer to personal trainer... never questioning the source of their leak. Never asking what's causing the excess calories to flood in in the first place.

The LEAKS in the real world are relationships, and friendships, and finances, and life stresses, that we manage and cope with by eating.

Husband is a tw*t.

You binge to cope with said tw*t.

Flooding your body with excess calories...

Then trying various diets or fitness plans to bail out those calories.

Never actually realising...

"I don't need a bucket. I need to FIX THE LEAK."

Divorce is painful. Changing jobs is painful. Cutting ties with toxic friends is painful. But all these sources of stress (leaks) are flooding your body with calories... sinking you further and further into obesity... no matter how many diets (buckets) you try.

Blaming your personal trainer probably feels easier than admitting...

"I married the wrong man."

Brutal? Yes.

But this is the harsh truth I see with so many of my clients. Men and women who have tried 100 different diets... 10 different personal trainers... but no matter how hard they bail and how advanced their buckets are... they still can't control the flood.

But when they FIX THE LEAK?

When they make those painful life changes...

Suddenly the flood of calories stops...

Suddenly the flow of water stops...

And they can get back to enjoying their journey.

As a personal trainer there are many clients I can help, but there are many who have leaks in their lives that are beyond the scope of my service. But what I can help them do is think about and explore potential leaks in their lives, so they aren't living in denial about the cause of their weight gain...

Or blaming me ;)


[If you'd like to learn more about how we can help, please feel free to email us for a non-judgemental conversation about your weight and nutrition.]

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