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Are You Ready To Stop Your Diet Thinking?

posted on: August 22, 2016. posted in: Weight loss

Rebelfit is a movement, a revolution, a rebellion against the standard model of weight loss.

 Our mission… To challenge everything you ever thought you knew about nutrition and fitness. To recruit you, re-educate you and re-train you into a new way of thinking about exercise, eating and getting in shape.

And that re-training starts here.

Don't THINK like a dieter.

If you THINK like a dieter you will always fail. Always.


Because diets are a set of rules. Rules that must be followed to the letter. Break the rules and you have broken the diet. And when you've broken the diet you have FAILED. You are out of control. You must stop, BINGE out and start fresh next monday.

Because that's what dieters do.

Psychologists call this ABSTINENCE VIOLATION. I call it the f**k-its. And it is the number one reason dieters will always fail... always binge... and always struggle to control their eating habits. Because for the dieter it has be PERFECT. They have to follow the rules to the letter. There is no leeway.

It's perfect... or it's binge.

Rebelfit is not a diet.

It is an eating strategy. A lifestyle.

It isn't about rock solid rules. It is about learning... adjusting... TWEAKING... slipping... re-trying... slipping again... and ultimately finding a way of eating that you can follow for LIFE. Which means you get lean for life.

All our food options are guidelines. All our meal plans are guidelines. Everything we share are guidelines. And the key here is in GUIDE... showing you a way.... pointing you in the right direction... but only you can find the RIGHT PATH to suit you. Guidelines are flexible. So bend them, tweak them and spank them around a bit... until you find something that is effective... sustainable... and most importantly.... ENJOYABLE!


[If you'd like to learn more about how we can help, please feel free to email us for a non-judgemental conversation about your weight and nutrition.]

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