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Ending The Confusion Over Fat!

posted on: September 07, 2016. posted in: Nutrition

[Warning: This is a rude one! Please either take this with a pinch of salt, or look away now if you're easily offended!]

People are confused by the debate on fat.

And it's pretty obvious from all the conflicting advice we're receiving, that the people who are most confused are the EXPERTS themselves.

How are people meant to make the right choices, when the experts we look upon for guidance can't even agree?

Well, in true Rebelfit style...

Let's settle this debate in the cheekiest way possible! :)

There are 3 camps on fat.

There is the "LOW-FAT" camp.

These experts argue that we should be cutting down on fat as much as we possibly can, opting for 'low-fat', 'reduced-fat' or even '0% fat' food options.

These low-fat options are inevitably man-made, processed versions of food, that may look like the real thing, but are actually far from it, and potentially harmful.

If fat was compared to a penis...

This camp would be arguing...

"Real penises are bad for you! You need to stop having natural penises and swap them for our man-made dildos instead!!"

Of course...

If you're in the business of selling dildos (like Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Juice Plus and so on) you'll exaggerate the dangers of real penises, just to scare people into buying your fake products.

The problem?

All the people swapping real penises for dildos...

Aren't feeling SATISFIED.

They're being left hungry for more!

So yes, they might eat less by giving up real penises...

But inevitably they end up BINGING on fake dildos.

And dildo binges?

Never a good thing.


Then there is the "HIGH-FAT" camp.

These people have rebelled against the low-fat camp, and now argue we should get as much fat as possible, from butter, eggs, meat and pretty much any natural fat sources.

Many have gone completely to the other extreme, putting butter in their coffee, having 15 eggs for breakfast, and adding coconut oil and nut butters to pretty much everything.

If fat was compared to a penis...

This camp would be arguing...

"Dildos are processed and fake!! We prefer real penises!! And the more penises you can cram in, the better!"

The problem?

Real penises may well be healthier than fake dildos.

But you can have too much of a good thing!

If the portion of penis is too large...

It can actually do a fair bit of damage!!

Even if it is natural.


Which leaves the "MODERATE-FAT" camp.

These people can see that there is a middle ground, with 'low-fat' offering too little fat, and 'high-fat' offering too much fat, so there is a balance to be had between the two.

Yes, we now know that the fake, low-fat foods are worse for us than natural, real fats like those found in avocados. But eating too many natural fats probably isn't a good idea either.

If fat was compared to a penis...

This camp would be arguing...

"Penises are great!! So you don't need to swap them for dildos!! But equally, 20 inches of penis, or 3 penises in one go, might be too much!"

The problem?

People aren't great at understanding BALANCE.

People prefer to jump to the extremes.

Nobody likes hearing "everything in moderation".

They prefer...

"Dildos are best! Stuff yourself with dildos!!"

(this is the Weight Watchers approach)


"Cocks are better! Ram yourself full of cocks!!"

(this is the Low-Carb-High-Fat approach)



Well, I sit in the "MODERATE-FAT" camp.

I'm a middle ground, healthy balance kind of guy.

I certainly don't believe...

"Dildos are best! Stuff yourself with dildos!!"

Nor do I believe...

"Cocks are better! Ram yourself full of cocks!!"

My thoughts are more...

"Dildos and cocks are cool, as long as they fit!!"

The challenge is always the same. Finding the right fit FOR YOU. The confusion around nutrition and fat is because everyone is seeking extreme rules.

The truth?

You'll find what's right for you somewhere in the middle. And the middle is always a great place to be! Because whether we're talking about food or willies, the people who go to the extremes...

Are usually the ones who end up in A&E!!


[If you'd like to learn more about how we can help, please feel free to email us for a non-judgemental conversation about your weight and nutrition.]

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