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Have You Fallen For This Slimming Club Trick?

posted on: October 09, 2016. posted in: Weight loss

Smoking kills.

We've known this for some time.

And after decades of fighting the dishonest tobacco industry, it's now even written on the side of cigarette packets as a very clear warning. 

The good news is that this warning is finally hitting home, and millions of people are making the decision that it's time to QUIT.

But imagine if you were trying to quit smoking.

You'd know that the cause of the problem is cigarettes. And that the only way to quit smoking is to STOP smoking cigarettes. To go from your usual 20 a day, to 0 a day. None. No cigarettes.

Only when you've gone through a very uncomfortable period of time, maybe a few weeks, maybe a few months, without having any cigarettes, can you say...

"I've Quit".

So how do you achieve this?

Well quitting smoking is hard. Really hard. Because cigarettes and the pattern of smoking are incredibly ADDICTIVE. If they weren't addictive, people wouldn't have such a hard time trying to quit. In fact, if they weren't addictive, people wouldn't be smoking in the first place.

So how do you overcome that addiction, and find the willpower to say "I'm not smoking another cigarette, that's it, I quit!"

Finding the right support is the key.

So now imagine that you're looking through the paper and you see an advert for a local "Quitting Club" called "Quitting World", offering men and women help and support on their journey to giving up the fags and being smoke free.

You join the club.

You introduce yourself.

And you learn their unique strategy.

The consultant explains...

"Welcome to Quitting World! Today we're going to learn all about how to quit smoking the Quitting World way!"

She pulls out various different types of cigarette, then talks the group through what each type is, as well as when and how often you can smoke them.

"This type of cigarette is a 'free' cigarette. You can use as many of these as you like because they're low in nicotine and therefore better for you."

She continues...

"This type of cigarette is a 'healthy extra' cigarette. You can add these to your day, because they contain healthy extra ingredients that are good for you."

Finally she explains...

"This type of cigarette is a 'syn' cigarette. You can use two or three of these higher nicotine cigarettes a day, or you can save them up over the week, for a weekly smoking blowout."

You're both excited and impressed!

And as you chat with more experienced members of the Quitting World group, they share their own tips and tricks to help you on your way.

Brian tells you...

"I love the 'free' cigarettes! I have as many as I can to keep me topped up, so I don't have so many of the 'syn' cigarettes!"

Mary chips in...

"I like to save up my 'syn' cigarettes and lay them out on a 'treat plate', then smoke all 10 'syn' cigarettes in one go! It's a real treat and gives me my fix!"

Claire then explains...

"The best part about Quitting World is that they have their own brand of 'healthy extra' cigarettes called 'hifi fags'. They come in all different flavours, and I like to have a couple with my morning cup of tea. But be warned, they're so moreish you might just finish the pack! But it's ok, they're good for you!"

And so, you follow the plan and you take their advice.

You spend your days filling up on 'free' cigarettes. Adding in a couple of 'healthy extra' cigarettes a day. And of course, finishing the pack on occasions as Claire warned. As well as saving up your 'syn' cigarettes for a nice smoking treat.

You attend Quitting World for a few weeks, and then a few months. But then it suddenly dawns on you what's going on.


Worse than that...


Because every time you lose control have one more 'syn' cigarettes than you'd planned to, you end up feeling guilty, binging and finishing the whole pack.

But perhaps worst of all?

You realise a scary and shocking truth...

That you're being sold cigarettes, the very thing you went to Quitting World to give up, by Quitting World themselves!!

You stand back from it all and see it for what it is.

Millions of people are hooked on smoking. The solution is to quit smoking. But if everyone quits smoking, Quitting World can no longer exist. Quitting World no longer has any business, because it no longer has anyone to sell cigarettes to.

So you realise that Quitting World, like many other similar quitting clubs, has engineered its whole plan to ensure people stay HOOKED.

Instead of telling its members...

"Just have an apple with your cup of tea in the morning, and fight through the discomfort of not having a cigarette. The longer you repeat this process, the less and less you'll crave cigarettes, eventually being able to quit."

It tells its members...

"Don't have a normal cigarette with your cup of tea in the morning. Have two of our 'healthy extra hifi fags' instead. They're better for you because they contain healthy ingredients, and you can buy them straight from your consultant for £4.99."

For Quitting World this is a deceptive, double win.

1. You remain addicted to cigarettes, and

2. You boost their profits buy purchasing theirs.


One day a rebellious man on the internet was trying to shame Quitting World and expose them for the disgusting deception they were carrying out. Accusing them of being the CAUSE of smoking addiction, not the cure.

But the Quitting World members wouldn't listen.

They loved the support from Quitting World.

They felt like they were a part of something.

And when he criticised Quitting World...

It felt like he was criticising them.

"He's so mean! He's such an angry, aggressive man!"

Not realising that his anger and aggression was born from the fact that people are DYING from smoking related diseases every day. And the NHS is having to pay out billions of pounds every year, to deal with the consequences of people binging on cigarettes.

Binging habits learned at Quitting Clubs.

The very places that should be helping people quit...

Not teaching them how to create random combinations of cigarettes...

Or make up 'treat plates' of 5 cigarettes to smoke in one go.


The take home message?

Millions of people are hooked on addictive processed junk food. The solution is to quit processed junk food, and eat real food instead. Swapping curly wurlys for avocados, rather than the other way round. 

The reason Slimming World tells you to swap avocados for curly wurlys?

Because if everyone quits processed food and eats real food, people start getting slimmer, maintaining those losses for life, and Slimming World can no longer exist. Slimming World no longer has any business, because it no longer has any food addicts to sell junk food to.

The whole slimming industry DEPENDS on food addiction and obesity.

The moment they cure it... is they moment they stop profiting from it.

Don't hate me for sharing this truth.

Hate them when you're binging, overeating, out of control of your weight...

And wondering why.


[This post is not aimed at any individual members of slimming clubs. Instead it is designed to highlight the dangers of slimming companies and how they drive food addiction and obesity. If you'd like to learn more about how we can help, please feel free to email us for a non-judgemental conversation about your nutrition.]

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