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How Juice Plus Fools Its Customers!

posted on: September 05, 2016. posted in: Nutrition

We had a question sent to us privately...

"Hi Liam- I have been following you for a while now and love your posts & agree with almost all you say! However the Juice Plus remark hit a nerve!! I eat 3 clean meals a day, I exercise and train at the gym and yes I have Juice Plus shakes which are natural plant protein based made with my choice of fresh & frozen fruits, almond milk & seeds. I probably eat 5 portions of fruit a day and 5 portions of veg daily (the new guidelines being 7-13 a day) I also started taking the premium capsules with 27 fruit & veg a couple of months ago as supplements in addition to this. I have had amazing results due to eating good nutrition, training and my supplements which give me tons of energy. My skin is now glowing! So what harm do you think I am doing exactly?"

Hi There

I can completely get where you're coming from.

The other day I was walking down the road, pondering how much of a tip my house is, when this guy wearing a mac said...

"Pssst! Want some magic clean up pills?"

He opened up one side of his mac to reveal a line of bottles containing little green pills.

"These, my friend, are CLEAN UP PLUS, the ultimate in tidying up technology and research. They contain the essence of 27 cleaning products. Do you want to live in a spotless house?"

Well now he had my attention.

"Funny you should ask!!" I said... "I've tried tidying up my house and given up! In fact it's depressingly messy, please help!"

So he explained...

"Don't worry, these pills will solve all your problems! All you need to do is this. Tidy your house first thing in the morning. Hoover once a day at lunch time. Dust once a day in the afternoon. Then take 3 Clean Up Plus pills before bed. Seriously, you'll be amazed by the results!! We're even paying celebrities to endorse it!"

I was sold!!

To think that actual celebrities use it and get paid by Clean Up Plus to use it!! The prospect of a tidy house excited me so I pulled out my wallet and asked...


"That'll be £40.00 for a month's supply."

So I gave him the cash and took one bottle.

The next day I followed his advice. I woke up early and TIDIED UP my stuff. At lunch I HOOVERED the house top to toe. In the afternoon I DUSTED furiously. Then before bed I took 3 Clean Up Plus pills.

I woke up the next morning...

And I couldn't believe my eyes!!

My house was SPOTLESS!!


Those little green pills actually worked!! Anyway, I was talking to my mate Baz, telling him all about the Clean Up Plus pills, and he said...

"Liam, don't be a mug. Your house is clean because YOU CLEANED IT!! Not because of those pills you're wasting money on!!"

Baz is full of sh*t.

And doesn't know what he's talking about.

"They really work Baz, they really work!! And besides what harm can they be doing?"

Baz looked me in the eye and said...

"Harming YOUR WALLET mate, that's what! Why don't you try the tidying, hoovering and dusting without bothering with the pills??!"

Some people hey?!

They'll just never get it!!

Which reminds me, I must pop my pills...

After the dusting of course ;)


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