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How Slimming Clubs Wreck Your Body!

posted on: August 24, 2016. posted in: Weight loss

Picture the scene.

Imagine your house is a filthy, dusty, dirty mess.

If your house really is a filthy, dusty, dirty mess, that's great! But if your house is spotless and clean... just imagine for a moment.

Now in your imaginary, filthy, dusty, dirty house, imagine the dust is so thick you could literally shovel it and carry it out by the bucketload.

And nobody likes a filthy house, right? So you decide you're going to do something about it. You're going to join a 'Cleaning Club', where you go weekly to get your dirt and dust loss weighed.

After week one of your new 'Dust Loss Challenge' you gather up as much dust as you can, then proudly turn up for your first weigh-in...

"Wow! You've lost an incredible 4lbs of dust! Well done!"

Activate smug face.

You are a very happy, less dusty bunny.

Of course, now your house is starting to get cleaner. So as you return for your following weekly weigh-ins, you notice you're losing less and less.

In week 2 you lose 3lbs. In week 3 you lose 2lbs. In week 4 you lose 1lb. And in week 5, much to the disgust of your 'Dust Consultant', you lose NOTHING.

You explain...

"I promise, I've been doing so much cleaning!! I can't believe I've not even lost a single pound!! Maybe your scales are broken??!"

You get a patronising round of applause anyway, then you're told...

"Don't worry, maybe try a little harder with your cleaning this week!"

It takes all your willpower not to punch your Dust Consultant in the face. Or kick that smug cow who lost 5lbs in the throat when she offers to tell you her little trick.

The frustration, anger and downright injustice of your lack of dust loss means one thing and one thing only...

"F**k it! I'm not cleaning my house anymore!! What's the point?!"

You boycott all cleaning. In fact, you very deliberately try to dirty your house, as an act of rebellion against your Dust Consultant.

Filth gathers. Dust piles up. Dirt accumulates. And before you know it your house is back to being a filthy, dusty, dirty mess. In fact, it's now even filthier, even dustier and ever dirtier than when you started.

Thankfully there's a new 'Cleaning Club' in town.

You join. You re-start the process. You feel all that excitement and joy when you see those amazing initial dust losses. But soon enough the dust losses slow again. Soon enough the dust losses plateau again. And soon enough your blood is boiling again, because some new smug cow seems to lose 3lbs of dust... every... single... week... without really even trying.

There's only one option.

The next week you turn up to Cleaning Club with your bucket full to the brim. As you pop it on the scales, all your fellow cleaning clubbers gasp when they see you've lost a whopping 4lbs of dust.

Activate smug face.

Wink at bitch features as you step away from the scales.

Enjoy that look of "how the hell did she do that?" on her face.

What she doesn't know, and the rest of the clean clubbers don't know, is that you've been slipping extra items into your bucket to up the dust loss on the scales. A trick you now realise that smug cow at your previous cleaning club must have been doing all along. Bitch.

And so...

With your new trick...

Only 50% of your loss is actually dust. The other 50% is a few household items, including your TV remote control, some batteries, and a few trinkets.

You repeat this little trick week-in, week-out, seeing very consistent and very impressive dust losses. Much to the disgust of your dust loss competition. You love every minute and every frown line on their face when they can't comprehend how you do it.

But... behind the scenes things are getting desperate.

To ensure your consistent and impressive dust losses, you're have to sneak more and more household items into your bucket. What started as remote controls and batteries soon turns into items of jewellery, your car keys, and other valuable possessions.

Yes, you're losing dust week on week.

But at what cost?

For every pound of dust you're losing, you're throwing out a pound or more of the good stuff. The valuable stuff. The stuff that's actually important to you.

This trick of the scales catches on across all Cleaning Clubs, with millions of clean clubbers throwing out the good stuff, the important stuff...

Just so it looks good on the scales.


The moral of the story.

The dust is FAT.

The cleaning clubs are SLIMMING CLUBS.

The valuable household items are MUSCLE.

Just as when you start cleaning your house regularly, you lose less and less dust (because your house is getting cleaner)... when you start burning fat regularly, you lose less and less fat (because your body is getting leaner).

The cleaner you house gets, the less dust you can lose.

The leaner your body gets, the less fat you can lose.

And just as there is only so much dust that can accumulate and be lost in a week, there is only so much fat that is available to be burned each week. With this figure getting lower, and lower, and lower, as your house gets cleaner, or your body gets leaner.

The only way to ensure large and consistent losses week on week is to CHEAT. By either throwing out valuable household items with the dust. Or by shedding valuable muscle with the fat.

Millions of slimmers fall into the trap of eating less and less, starving their bodies, starving their muscles, and shedding valuable muscle and lean tissue weight, just to get their fix on the scales.

When they lose 2lbs or more week after week, they either don't know or don't care that at least 1lb or more of that weight is the GOOD STUFF. The important stuff. The lean tissue and muscle that keeps us strong and healthy. That keeps our skin from sagging and getting puffy. And that keeps our fat burning metabolism revving.

Weight loss has become an addiction.

An addiction driven by Slimming Clubs because it keeps people coming and paying and buying their cruddy products. An addiction which slows the metabolism with every pound of muscle loss, ensuring the slimmer has to eat less and less to keep seeing results.

One day I hope everyone will see this.

And everyone will see Slimming Clubs for what they are...

An addiction to starving and binging... An addiction to seeing a number week on week... An addiction that is breeding puffy, saggy, limp muscled bodies that may weigh less... for a while... but are probably less healthy than heavier, more muscular, more active bigger people.

The take home message?

Aim for FAT LOSS (just throwing out the dust) rather than WEIGHT LOSS (throwing out the dust with your most valuable possessions).

Muscles are cool.

Muscles keep you young.

Muscles keep you strong.

Look after them...

And don't throw them out with the trash!!


p.s. For anyone serious about achieving fat loss rather than weight loss in 2019, join us on the Six Packā„¢ mission launching this Monday! Book your place today!

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