Treat Your Workouts Like Your Dates!

posted on: December 22, 2016. posted in: Fitness

I'm a massive fan of First Dates, the reality TV show where two singletons date for the very first time and at the end of the date are asked whether they'd like to meet again.

Some do. Some don't. But as I watched the Christmas special last night, I was reminded of my own experience of the dating game... many years ago.

I recall it took a lot of dates... and being honest... a lot of mess ups... for me to develop a dating game good enough to get that all important second date. Naturally I messed up a lot of second dates too, so like most things in life it was about failing, learning and improving.

And here's what I learned.

There is a dating etiquette. A code of conduct. And certain rules of engagement. There are certain things you can and cannot talk about at certain points on the dating journey, otherwise you risk scaring them off.

For example, I discovered that...

"Tell me more about your job, it sounds really interesting."

Is a nice first date ice breaker.


"Sometimes I like to smother my willy in vaseline and pretend it's a slug."

Is not.

Maybe save that bombshell for a few dates down the line.

(or... like me... save it for when you've been married for nearly three years and your wife can find out about it via one of your blog posts.)

So my advice to all the first daters out there?

If you want to be successful in the dating game...

Don't give away too much too soon. Hold back. Take it slow. And give away a little bit more of yourself with each date. The people who give away the least, last longest.


So how can we apply this to FITNESS?

Well, this January millions of people will be going on a "first date" with their New Year exercise regime... whether it be at their new gym, their new fitness class, or maybe even their new Rebelfit mission.

And millions of "fitness first daters" will be making the fatal mistake of giving away far too much too soon.

They'll rock up to the gym on New Year's Day, and instead of introducing themselves to their new workout with a gentle peck on the cheek...

They'll do the fitness equivalent of presenting their first date with a 24 inch, diesel powered, double ended dildo.

"Nice to meet you! Care to ram this up my bum?!" 

The next day they can't walk. In fact, the next month they can't walk. And so they join the millions of fitness daters who are out of the game by February.

So listen. If you're serious about training consistently through 2017, my advice for training is the same as dating.

Don't give away too much too soon. Hold back. Take it slow. And give away a little bit more of yourself with each workout. The people who give away the least, last longest.

Make January a gentle introduction and a peck on the cheek.

Save the hardcore stuff for a few months down the line!


[If you'd like to learn more about how we can help, please feel free to email us for a non-judgemental conversation about your fitness.]

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