Try This Simple Trick To Reduce Your Appetite!

posted on: October 24, 2016. posted in: Weight loss

We've had a question from Lisa...

"So what is the way to stop the restrictive diet mentality. I was a gold weight watchers member then i gained all the weight back plus some. I lost it again on a primal diet, then I gained it all back plus some. Now I eat what I want, in an attempt to shift the restricted diet mentality, I have very little processed food, loads of veg, fish etc, not much sugar and I'm fatter than ever."

Hi Lisa

Imagine a tiny rubber band attached to your nose.

You look around and you notice that many of your friends have rubber bands attached to their noses too. In fact, everyone has one of these "nose rubber bands", but some have SMALL ONES and others have BIG ONES.

Yours isn't particularly big.

But you want to rid yourself of it.

So you pull on it. And pull on it. But the harder you pull on it... and the faster you pull on it... the harder and faster it SNAPS... flying back and hitting you on your nose... leaving you in tears and in pain.

So you keep tugging on it and trying to pull it off.

But every time the rubber band snaps, it grows back thicker and stronger, meaning you have to pull it harder and harder to try and rid yourself of it.

You pull on it again.

It snaps again.

Leaving you in tears again.

But also growing back stronger again.

"I'm trying everything to get rid of my nose rubber band!! But no matter how hard I pull it, it keeps flying back and hitting me in the face!! Then it grows back BIGGER!!"

By now you and millions of others have these giant rubber bands hanging from your noses. And you're all employing more and more desperate measures to try and rid yourselves of them.

You jump from club to club, plan to plan, with each one telling you a different technique to help you get rid of the rubber band.

But with each attempt you snap the band...

Causing it to grow back bigger and stronger.

Then one day someone notices how once upon a time all the rubber bands were small. Everyone had one, but they were so small you'd hardly notice them.

The reason they've got so big is because of the national obsession with TUGGING ON THEM... and pulling on them... causing them to snap and grow back stronger.

So she suggests...

"Nobody has ever successfully removed a rubber band, have they? Sure, there are lots of people who have snapped them temporarily. But the more you snap them, the bigger they seem to grow back. Maybe the best solution is staring us right in the face...

Stop. Bloody. Pulling them!!!"


And the moral of the story.

The rubber band is our APPETITE.

We all have one.

Every single one of us.

But some of us have small appetites, that we hardly even notice day to day, and some of us have huge appetites, that dominate every second of our lives.

The smaller your appetite, the less you binge and the leaner you are. The bigger your appetite, the more you binge and bigger you are.

The difference between the people with small appetites (small rubber bands) and big appetites (big rubber bands) comes down to one simple factor.

How much you PULL ON THEM.

Dieters are constantly "pulling on their appetites". And by this I mean trying to drop their calories, restrict their food intake, ban certain foods, give up sugar, and generally fight against the very natural urge to eat.

This works... for a while...

But at some point...

Like the rubber band...


For the dieter this usually happens a few months or years into the diet. And the result is that their appetite grows back thicker and stronger, meaning it becomes harder and harder to resist food, ultimately leading to BINGING and rebound weight gain.

The more you pull on the rubber band...

The thicker and stronger it grows back.

The more you pull on your appetite... (by dieting)...

The more you increase your appetite over time.

A morbidly obese person is simply someone who has spent many years of their life pulling on the rubber band... (dieting)... ultimately making it STRONGER.

Meaning they binge more. They eat more. And ultimately, they get fat more.


You Lisa, like millions of other veteran dieters, have been left with a HUGE rubber band after many years of pulling on it... and in your desperation to rid yourself of it... you keep pulling on it.

Even your attempts to eat less processed food and sugar are pulling on it, because it's all part of the same RESTRICTIVE MENTALITY.

The only solution... the only way to shrink your rubber band, and shrink your appetite, and reduce your overeating, and reduce your bodyfat long term...


If you jump from diet to diet... plan to plan... employing new and different methods of pulling on your rubber band (i.e. trying to restrict your calorie intake and eat less)... you're only going to keep making it stronger over time.

So the only logical solution is to stop pulling against it, and start working with it. You need to embrace the rubber band as natural and normal part of you, that gets BIGGER when you resist it, and SMALLER when you work with it.

Because if your band is big and your appetite is big...

It's your body trying to tell you something...

You need to EAT!!!

Don't resist it. Work with it.

This requires a massive mindset shift, from the dieter's mindset of restriction and starvation (i.e. pulling on the band), to the athlete's mindset of nourishing and fuelling your body (i.e. working with the band).

And the end result of this shift...

From "dieting" to "fitness"...

Is that the band SHRINKS.

Meaning your appetite shrinks. And you shrink.

The tough news?

It's a process that takes many years to reverse, and to shrink your band, because you've spent many years dieting and growing your band.

So the question is... are you prepared to try it? Or will you jump into the next diet... and repeat the cycle of pulling on your rubber band?!


[This post is not aimed at any individual members of slimming clubs. Instead it is designed to highlight the dangers of slimming companies and how they drive food addiction and obesity. If you'd like to learn more about how we can help, please feel free to email us for a non-judgemental conversation about your weight and nutrition.]

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