Obesity Trap

Warning - Beware The 30 Step Obesity Trap!

posted on: October 23, 2016. posted in: Weight loss

We've had a response from Zara....

"I used to be a weight watchers leader (don't shoot me) and kept my weight off for 5 years...........now I'm heavier than before! I think in principle WW and SW have some good intentions, however the branded products that are sold to replace 'real food' are full of binders and sweeteners. I think if you are overweight and want to be surrounded by like minded people then they are fab places to start, however you need to educate yourself on what real food is pretty quick! I hated SW for it's pushing of mullers and scan bread!!!!! If a member attended a ww training course I think they'd realise how much of a big target oriented business is rather than the chummy cottage industry it presents itself as."

Hi Zara

I'm not going to shoot you.

I'm not going to shoot anyone.

I'm simply trying to raise awareness of the fact that these slimming companies are deliberately and deceptively driving obesity, so that others out there don't fall into the same trap you've found yourself in.

And it's an all too familiar 30 step trap.`

One I've witnessed 1000s of people go through, and potentially 100s of Weight Watchers and Slimming World consultants too.

You ready?

1. Lose weight successfully at a slimming club

2. Shout about how amazing the slimming club is

3. Ignore anyone who tells you otherwise

4. Tell Liam to piss off, he's got it all wrong

5. Then notice how your appetite starts increasing

6. And notice how your cravings start rocketing

7. Then notice how you're binging uncontrollably

8. Because you're suddenly more addicted to food

9. Notice how your weight loss is now slowing

10. And that soon enough it even starts creeping

11. Try desperately to stop the rebound weight gain

12. By eating less and less and starving more

13. Triggering you to binge more and lose control more

14. Leading you to "fall off" the diet spectacularly

15. Then keep binging until you've regained the weight

16. And regained even more than you lost on the diet

17. Making you HEAVIER than when you started

18. Blame yourself for not having enough willpower

19. Binge more to comfort the pain of getting fatter

20. Get fatter.

21. Get a lot fatter.

22. But it's ok, you'll find a new slimming club

23. Which you'll start next month or next year

24. Because now isn't a good time to start

25. Now you need to be binging as much as you can

26. To prepare yourself for the new restrictive diet

27. And get it all out of your system before you start

28. Causing you to get EVEN FATTER still

29. Then have one last monumental 3 day long binge

30. Before enrolling at your friendly new slimming club

Bigger. Fatter. Sicker. And more unhealthy than ever.

Where you meet other like minded people, desperate to lose weight after their own experience of the 30 steps above.

But then...

Of course...

You all go back to step 1...

1. Lose weight successfully at a slimming club

2. Shout about how amazing the slimming club is

3. Ignore anyone who tells you otherwise

4. Tell Liam to piss off, he's got it all wrong

And so on.

Repeating this process EVERY 5 YEARS.

Meeting a whole new group of obese people every 5 years, who have all now been through the 30 step trap three or four or five times in their lifetime, meaning they're now pushing the limits of morbid obesity.

Who all once upon a time started at a slimming club, and shouted about how amazing it is, not realising that it very deliberately and deceptively increased their food addiction, so that they binged more, ate more and got FATTER longer term.

You all forgive them.

In fact, you never even question them.

Because their branding and "support" is so powerful that you all really think you belong to something special. Even though the company behind that special something is deliberately causing your obesity, to ensure they keep taking your money.

The people at your slimming club are lovely and friendly and kind, so you can't leave them. And you don't want to hear anyone like Liam at Rebelfit challenging them.

But he isn't challenging THE PEOPLE. The members.

He's challenging THE COMPANY. The profiteers.

The disgusting, dishonest, deceptive corporate entity that is using a warm, friendly cuddly brand to fool you into the 30 step obesity trap, over and over again.

A trap we all need to raise awareness of...

And protect our children from...

By SHARING this post.

Thank you


[This post is not aimed at any individual member of Slimming World. Instead it is designed to highlight the dangers of slimming companies and how they drive food addiction and obesity. If you'd like to learn more, please feel free to contact us for a non-judgemental conversation about your nutrition.]

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