Why Is Nutrition So Bloody Confusing?!

posted on: August 24, 2016. posted in: Weight loss, Nutrition

It is though, isn't it? One day you're being told to cut all the fat from your diet, then the next you're being told to eat avocados drizzled with coconut oil. Another day you're being told to eat porridge because it's super-healthy, then the next you're being told never to touch carbs because they turn you into a big fatty bom bom.

So what the hell are we meant to do??

Go high-fat? Low-fat? High-carb? Low-carb? Take vitamin pills? Or eat more fruit? Or avoid fruit because it contains sugar? And supplement with protein shakes? Or eat more meat? Or cut out meat and go vegan???!

If you're confused, you're not alone.

The good news is we're not confused.

Nutrition is what we do, and Rebelfit is here to help you understand it better, so you eat better, train better, feel better and live better!

And here's a great starting point to help you get your head around nutrition and start making better choices... TODAY.

Think about the statement...

"All blonde people are ugly"

Now I'm hoping your instant reaction was to think this statement is nonsense. Some blonde people are less attractive. Some blonde people are fairly attractive. And some blonde people are stunningly beautiful. Making an assumption about someone's attractiveness based solely on their hair colour is nothing short of ridiculous.

Now swap 'blonde people' and 'ugly' for 'carbs' and 'fattening'.

"All carbs are fattening"

You'd be surprised how many people believe this statement. But just as some blonde people are less attractive, and some blonde people are more attractive... some carbs are less fattening, and some carbs are more fattening.

But here's where it gets confusing.

Two people can look at the exact same blonde person and have a completely different response to them....

"Chris Hemsworth is such a hunk!"

"Oh no, he's really not my type!"


Two people can ingest the exact same source of carbohydrate (e.g. baked potato) and have a completely different response to them...

"Baked potatoes are a must in my fat loss plan!"

"Oh no, I find them really moreish and fattening!"

What follows is common sense...

The only way to work out if blonde people are ugly, ok looking or attractive is to look at each blonde person on an INDIVIDUAL BASIS, then make your decision. Some you'll put in the ugly bucket. Some you'll put in the ok bucket. And some you'll put in the lush bucket. And the outcome will be completely unique to you and your taste.


The only way to work out if carbohydrates are fattening, maintaining or fat burning, is to look at each carbohydrate on an INDIVIDUAL BASIS, then make your decision. Some you'll put in the flabby bucket. Some you'll put in the maintenance bucket. And some you'll put in the lean bucket. And the outcome will be completely unique to you and your psychological and physiological response.

So here's the take home message.

Ignore all these sweeping statements about food groups.

Some carbs will work for you. Other's won't. Some fats will work for you. Others won't. Some proteins will work for you. Other's won't.

But don't let anyone tell you which are which based on THEIR experience, or THEIR diet plan, or their THEIR of success.

Work it out for yourself!!

You wouldn't let your best friend tell you to "only date blonde dudes and cut out all dark haired dudes" because she's happily dating a blonde dude. You'd just assume blonde dudes work for her... for now... and you need to find your own dude... and he might be dark or ginger... on maybe even bald. He could break all her rules, but be a perfect fit for YOU and you alone.

So nutrition is all about finding YOUR OWN WAY.

The more you experiment with nutrition... test and tweak your nutrition... and find out which foods work for you... all whilst keeping in mind the rules may be completely different for someone else...

The less confusing it becomes.


[If you'd like to learn more about how we can help, please feel free to email us for a non-judgemental conversation about your weight and nutrition.]

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