Why Slimming Clubs Make Me So Angry!

posted on: October 07, 2016. posted in: Weight loss

"Why is this Rebelfit guy so angry??!"

I hear this a lot.

"He's so aggressive! He's so mean!"

First things first, my anger and aggression is never directed at individuals, it is directed at the slimming clubs, the companies, the profit driven corporations. The individual members of slimming clubs are victims in all of this.

So where does this anger and aggression come from?

Well, the fact is...


You have to be living under a rock to not realise this.

Obesity is driving heart disease, diabetes, cancer, dementia and many other diseases that are KILLING PEOPLE. As well as draining our NHS, and costing this country billions every year.

This is a very, very serious issue.

I work with obese people. And if their obesity hasn't killed them yet, it has certainly killed their enjoyment of life.

Find me the obese person who is happy with their sagging skin, happy that they can't find clothes that fit, happy that their joints ache, their knees need replacing in their 50s, that they can't be active and keep up with their kids. Happy that they obsess about their weight, cry every time the scales go up, and binge to soothe the pain.

Obesity is a nightmare.

And the cause is PROCESSED FOOD.

Modern hyper-processed, hyper-palatable junk foods are hijacking our brains and turning us into food addicts.

Processed junk food has become the national DRUG.

And wait for it...

A drug that is now being sold to us by slimming clubs!!

Can you believe it??! Is this really happening??! How the hell has a nation managed to ignore the fact that slimming clubs are now PROFITING from the very foods that cause obesity??!

Desperate people, who are desperate to lose weight and retake control of their eating habits, are being taught to use processed food "syns" and make up "treat plates" as a means of curing their obesity.

It's like a smoker going to a smoking club to find help to quit, then being sold cigarettes and being told to line 5 up on a plate and smoke all 5 in one go.

It just doesn't make sense!!!

These companies are driving addiction, not curing it.

If Slimming World cared about its members it would be selling them APPLES not HIFI BARS. It would be teaching them to snack on avocados, not curly wurlys. It would be teaching them to stay off the scales, not how to dehydrate themselves before weigh-ins.

The truth?

Slimming clubs don't want you to lose weight long-term. They want to offer you a short-term fix... a two to five year success... then they want you to REGAIN it all and get even fatter. So you stick with them and become dependant on them, boosting their profits.

Because let's face if...

If slimming clubs worked, you'd only need to go once!!

So why are millions of people living the same horror story?

• 4 rounds of Weight Watchers in the 1970s.

• 3 rounds of Slimfast in the 1980s.

• 4 rounds of Rosemary Conely in the 1990s.

• 2 rounds of LighterLife in the 2000s.

• 3 rounds of Slimming World in the 2010s.

And with each round... with each attempt... they lose weight! They shout about how amazing the diet is and tell all their friends! But then they always REGAIN IT. And not just regain it... regain it and MORE.

There are millions of 50 to 60 year old obese women in this country, who started their first round of Weight Watchers at 10 stone, thinking they were fat. And are now on their 3rd round of Slimming World at 16 stone, wondering where it all went wrong.

Well girls...

It went wrong when you signed up to a slimming club that very deliberately got you hooked on PROCESSED FOOD.

Because processed food is the cause of obesity.

And slimming clubs NEED obesity.

If obesity didn't exist, neither would they.

That's why I'm ANGRY.

This country has been conned, and is still being conned by the likes of Slimming World. The latest in a long line of slimming clubs that offer short term success, and long term suffering.

But hey.

You're losing weight on Slimming World right now.

So you love it right now, and shout about it right now.

But when your honeymoon is over. When you regain it all after 5 years. And get even fatter. Just as you did with all the other rounds at all the other slimming clubs. Here's what I recommend you do.

Get ANGRY, just like me.

Because they lied to you.

And they made you MORE ADDICTED and MORE OBESE.

And if that doesn't make you angry...

They want your daughter next.


[This post is not aimed at any individual members of slimming clubs. Instead it is designed to highlight the dangers of slimming companies and how they drive food addiction and obesity. If you'd like to learn more about how we can help, please feel free to email us for a non-judgemental conversation about your nutrition.]

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