Umbrella Rain

Why We Need To Ban The Slimming Industry Asap!

posted on: October 12, 2016. posted in: Weight loss

It's time for another little rebel story.

And this time I'd like you to imagine you run a business. But not just any business. A business selling UMBRELLAS.

Now the umbrella is a very simple product, that solves a very simple problem.

Getting wet in the rain.

With the exception of Gene Kelly... or Hugh Grant and Andie Macdowell... and maybe frogs... nobody wants or likes getting soaked in the rain.

So umbrellas exist, because it rains.

And getting soaked through is a pain.

If the sun always shone. If the sky was always blue. If the clouds never rained down. Nobody would ever need umbrellas. Nobody would ever buy umbrellas. And the umbrella industry would fail.

And it's probably of no surprise to you that the umbrella industry is strongest, and sees the most sales and profit, in the countries and regions where it RAINS THE MOST. With sales of umbrellas increasing up to 5000% depending on the weather.

So again imagining that you own an umbrella business, and that your profit and income is inextricably driven by the weather...

What do you hope for most.


Or rain?

And if you could control the weather. If you could actually push one of two buttons that determined if a day was going to be full of "Sun" or "Rain", which button would you be hitting the most? And profiting from the most?


Umbrella companies dream and pray for RAIN.


You see, the slimming industry is very similar to the umbrella industry.

Just as umbrella sales are boosted by RAIN...

Slimming club memberships are boosted by OBESITY.

If it never rained, we would never need to pay for umbrellas.

If nobody was obese, we would never need to pay for slimming clubs.

Think about that for a second.

If we waved a magic wand and everyone woke up lean tomorrow, would slimming clubs need to exist? Would slimming clubs continue and survive?


Because slimming clubs NEED OBESITY...

Like umbrella companies NEED RAIN.

So now imagine for a moment that you run a slimming club, and that your profit and income is inextricably linked to obesity levels.

What do you hope for most.

Healthy eating?

Or binge eating?

And if you could control obesity levels. If you could actually push one of two buttons that made people eat "Healthy" and get lean, or "Binge" and stay fat, which button would you be hitting the most? And profiting from the most?


Slimming companies dream and pray for BINGING.


And so...

The sad and scary truth is that the slimming industry depends on obesity in the much the same way as the umbrella industry depends on rain.

But unlike the umbrella industry, which cannot control the weather...

The slimming industry has complete and utter control over its members' eating habits. It tells them... what to eat... when to eat... how to eat... why to eat. Why they should be eating curly wurlys instead avocados. Why they should be snacking on mugshots and muller lights and quavers, rather than fresh fruit and nuts. How they can benefit from saving up they're "syns", laying them out on a "treat plate" then scoffing the lot in one go.

It literally has its finger on the button that controls how people eat.

And unsurprisingly...

As a profit driven entity... relying on obesity...

Its finger is firmly pressed down on BINGE.

It doesn't want its members to eat healthily.

Because if they do... it STOPS RAINING.

This is why slimming clubs like Weight Watchers and Slimming World very deliberately sell their members and teach their members how to binge on addictive, processed food.

To keep it cloudy.

To keep it raining.

To keep people getting wet.

So they keep needing umbrellas.

And keep PAYING FOR umbrellas.


One day I hope everyone will see this truth.

That obesity isn't SOLVED by slimming clubs.

It is CAUSED by slimming clubs.

Whatever results people achieve through them are temporary, and are always followed by increased binging and weight gain, 5 or more years down the line.

The sooner we ban them. The sooner we stop this 5 year yo-yoing, binge eating cycle. The sooner we can end obesity.


[This post is not aimed at any individual member of Weight Watchers or Slimming World. Instead it is designed to highlight the dangers of slimming companies and how they drive food addiction and obesity. If you'd like to learn more, please feel free to contact us for a non-judgemental conversation about your nutrition.]

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