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Why You Should Join A Fitness Club, Not A Slimming Club!

posted on: December 30, 2016. posted in: Weight loss

I've never really been one for fashion.

I've tried. But I've never really got it. It's just not my thing.

I've been dragged... kicking and screaming... to some of the trendiest shops in town by my brother, my friends, my wife... and even some of my clients.

Because left to my own devices?

I dress like a Geography teacher.

I head straight for the corduroys and the brogues and the brown jackets with elbow patches. For all I know that could be the height of fashion right now... but honestly, I don't have a bloody clue!

Fashionista, I am not.

But here's the thing...

If I wanted to be fashionable and get professional help with becoming fashionable, where would I look? What would be the best service for me to go for?

If I saw an advert for a "Fashion Club", surely the name itself would be enough to sell me into it, right? I would instantly think...

"It's a FASHION CLUB. A club where fashionable people go!"

So I join my local Fashion Club.

I nervously walk into my first meeting.

And the first thing I notice is this...

Nobody. Not one single member is remotely fashionable. With the exception of the "Fashion Consultant" at the front who, with my very limited knowledge of fashion, looks reasonably well dressed.

Everyone else?

Well they're all in various shades of brown jackets, corduroys and brogues...


I might have been nervous... and even slightly intimidated about joining... but having seen that I fit right in with my fellow Geography teacher dress-a-likes, I feel instantly at home!

And so...

I'm now a fully fledged member of a Fashion Club.

And I love it!!

We talk about different shades of brown jackets. We share fashion ideas. My new friend Bob even explains to me...

"Honestly Liam, you should try going corduroy on your jacket too, maybe with a dark, stripy shirt and a gold patterned tie. It's all the rage at the moment, go on TRY IT!!"

So the next week I rock up to Fashion Club looking like a pimped up Geography teacher with florescent orange stripes on my collar... and I feel like I really fit in!

Am I getting any more fashionable?!

F**k no!!

I'm getting worse!!

I'm surrounded by the most unfashionable people in the country... and I'm learning from the most unfashionable people in the country!! Picking up their dodgy fashion culture and criminal fashion ideas!!

Even the "Fashion Consultant" at the front is giving very suspect fashion advice, like telling me to wear my y-fronts over my corduroys, or even going as far as to suggest I should wear them over my head.

But even though my fashion sense is getting worse, I STICK WITH IT.

Because I love the people.

They are Just. Like. Me.

So what started as a quest to become more fashionable, has actually become a trap and an addiction to a support network that is actually making me more UNFASHIONABLE.

Like me... anyone who joins is swallowed up... consumed... and brainwashed by the culture of bad fashion... meaning they are destined to DRESS WORSE... not better... the longer they attend.

Millions of people join Fashion Clubs.

Millions of people fall for the "social support" trap... the need for connection with people who are JUST. LIKE. THEM.

And millions of people dress worse and worse, year on year...

Because they can't find the courage to leave it.


The take home message is this...

"You are who you surround yourself with."

If you surround yourself with unfashionable people, and join a support network with unfashionable people, and learn how to dress from unfashionable people, you will inevitably become a more unfashionable person, even if you hang out at a so called "Fashion Club".


If you surround yourself with obese people, and join a support network with obese people, and learn how to eat from obese people, you will inevitably become a more obese person, even if you hang out at a so called "Slimming Club".

If you're obese and serious about getting slimmer, fitter and healthier...

Don't hang out with people JUST. LIKE. YOU.

Those are the people you want to avoid!!

Hang out... listen to... spend time with... absorb information from... learn from... and suck up the culture, eating habits and exercise habits of... SLIM... FIT... HEALTHY people.

And you'll find them at Fitness Clubs.

Not Slimming Clubs.


[This post is not aimed at any individual members of slimming clubs. Instead it is designed to highlight the dangers of slimming companies and how they drive food addiction and obesity. If you'd like to learn more about how we can help, please feel free to email us for a non-judgemental conversation about your nutrition.]

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