An Open Letter To Slimming World About Consistency!

posted on: April 22, 2017. posted in: Weight loss

Dear Slimming World

Below is a response you sent to someone on your page when she questioned you about why you removed Porky Lights from your database.


Consistency. noun.

"Consistent behaviour or treatment."


Because on the basis that you're seeking CONSISTENCY, would it not be fair for your members and the tax payers who fund you to demand "consistency" in your own behaviour?

For example.

Why not remove all the products from you database until you have sent every last one of them for independent laboratory testing?

Including curly wurlies, freddo frogs, flumps, mullerlights, mugshots, scan bran, super noodles, quark, splenda and DIET COKE. A drink that forms part of your famous "Diet Coke Chicken" recipe, yet it has recently been linked to a three fold increase in the risk of dementia and stroke.

If ever there was a product that required you to send it for testing, this would be it. To protect your members' BRAINS and HEALTH, as much as their weight loss.

Or have you sent these products for "secret testing" in your super secret labs already? But you can't tell us because you're contractually not allowed to reveal the super secret results?

Due to this high level of secrecy, verging on something you might expect from Mi5, or Mr Bond... James Bond himself, as far as we know you have only ever sent one product for independent laboratory testing. And that one product is the Porky Lights sausage.

So surely you can see that it is hugely INCONSISTENT to only send one product, out of 1000s of products on your database, for independent, super secret testing.

Strange how that one product happens to be the one product that competes directly with your own brand of sausages. And it is the one product that happened to be selling so successfully, it was clearly cutting into your profits. 

How would you respond to the claim that actually you removed it from your database to steer your 1 million members away from this product, towards your own brand? Fabricating lab test results and nutrition information in a way that is clearly an abuse of your dominant market position and in breach of anti-competitive legislation.

An anti competitive trick you pulled on Asda recently as well, removing their ready meals from your magic database because, you guessed it, they competed directly with your own brand.

As a company that is recommended by our NHS and funded by our taxes, is it not your duty and responsibility to include all products, without exception, on your database, along with scientifically backed evidence about their nutritional value, rather than labelling them with made up marketing lingo like "free foods", "healthy extras" or "syns"? Which are just more tools for eliminating the competition, rather than based on science or nutrition.

We look forward to your open, honest, transparent, and CONSISTENT response, in the name of protecting your member's weight loss... brains and health.

Yours sincerely

The Rebelfit Team

p.s. To all the real rebels out there, please SHARE THIS on the Slimming World fan page and demand a response. Thank you. They can't ignore us all.

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