Diet Trap

Are You Stuck In The Diet Web?!

posted on: July 01, 2017. posted in: Weight loss

"Currently going around in circles on Slimming World / Cambridge Plan / binge eating HELP!"

Thank you for getting in touch!

Let me take a wild guess.

Are those circles...

Losing weight, feeling great, feeling like it's working? Then suddenly craving more, binging more and piling it all back on?

If this sounds familiar then it's because you're stuck in the same pattern millions of slimmers find themselves in. Getting fatter and fatter, year on year, despite their repeated efforts to lose weight through dieting.

And the reason they're getting fatter?

BECAUSE of dieting!!!

Imagine being a fly caught in spider's web. The more you struggle and the more you fight, the more entangled you become and the harder it is to free yourself.

This. Is. Dieting.

Or more accurately...

"The Diet Web"

You want so desperately to lose weight. And you are prepared to starve yourself to achieve that weight loss, even swapping real food for milkshakes in your quest to restrict your calories.

But by fighting your weight...

And starving your body...

You drive your set point weight UP.

Making you even more desperate, and even more trapped in the cycle of dieting, starving and binging.

This is where millions of slimmers find themselves. Attempting more and more restrictive diets, as they become more and more desperate to reverse the weight gain...


Now if you were a fly, caught in a web. And if you knew that the more you struggle, the more caught up you become. What would the logical thing be to do?

Your instinct tells you to fight. Your instinct tells you to buzz your wings and kick your legs, in your desperate attempts to free yourself.

But that only makes you MORE TRAPPED!!

And so...

The logical thing to do?


Then slowly unpick your wings and legs, one by one. Taking your time. Taking it slow. Never rushing or panicking. Because you know that only makes things worse.


My name is Liam, I run Rebelfit, and we are pioneering the fight against obesity, freeing people from this "Diet Trap". This evil web that has been spun by the slimming industry, companies like Slimming World and The Cambridge Plan.

You see, they engineer their diets to trap you. To keep you stuck in that web for the rest of your life, so they can feast on you and profit from your obesity.

The solution?

To escape the web.

To escape the slimming industry.

To erase your diet thinking.

But it takes time. And you have to go slow. And most importantly of all, you have to learn how to RELAX around food. A process which in itself which can take months, even years, to reverse all the slimming industry brainwashing.

The problem?

You wanted to shift your weight yesterday!! You wanted to be slimmer years ago!! You're not in the mood for taking your time, or being calm, you want to be slimmer NOW!!!

So you buzz your wings and kick your legs and guess what?

You're bigger, fatter and even more desperately trapped in the stickiest of webs that is the slimming industry, screaming out for us to "HELP!"...

And yes, we can help.

But you have to be prepared to start a long journey, and a slow journey, of unpicking each limb, and each bad habit you've picked up at slimming clubs.


p.s. If you're ready to stop dieting and start the process of freeing yourself from that evil web, please join our Summer Strip Warm Up group to find out more!

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