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How Do People Lose Weight Eating Free Food?!

posted on: July 05, 2017. posted in: Weight loss

"How do people lose weight on slimming world (in the short term at least) if they get all this free food they can eat tons of? This is a genuine question.. I don't understand!x"

Imagine spending many weeks, months and years overspending, until you're in a large amount of debt.

You seek help.

And on the advice of your friend you join a local financial club called Debt World.

You go to the first meeting and you're amazed by what you're being told by the financial consultant.

"You can spend as much as you like on toilet rolls, door mats, coasters and napkins. Literally as much as you like, these are all FREE products. But you can only spend £15 a day on clothes, jewellery, shoes, handbags, cinema tickets and meals out, as these are all SYNS."

You're confused.

Here you are joining Debt World because you've developed a habit of spending too much. And now you're being told you can spend as much as you like, literally unlimited amounts, on these miracle "Free" products.

And so...

For the coming weeks you dramatically cut back your spending on all the Syns, the products you usually spend £100 a day on like clothes, jewellery, shoes, handbags, cinema tickets, meals out, basically anything fun.

But meanwhile you quench your addiction to spending by going out and blowing as much as you can on toilet rolls, door mats, coasters and napkins, products you might normally spend £1 a day on max.

You soon realise that after one mega shopping trip for a load of Free products, blowing a massive £100, you're bored. They just aren't exciting or interesting, making it very hard to overspend on them.

I mean, how exited can you get about toilet rolls or door mats? And how many coasters or napkins do you need, really? 

Over time Debt World works.

Not because of these miracle Free products that you've been told you can spend as much as you like on.

But because your overall spending is significantly reduced, as you avoid spending on luxury products, the Syns.

You used to spend £100 a day on Syns. You now spend £15 a day.

You used to spend £1 a day on Free products. You now spend £5 a day on Free products.

Yes, you're spending on Free products has increased. But it's the overall reduction in your spending on Syns, even with the increased spend on Free products, that gradually pulls you out of debt.

It's not magic.

It's maths.

The issue with Debt World?

After 3 to 5 years of trying to pretend you enjoy buying toilet rolls, door mats, coasters and napkins, your cravings for the really fun products, the Syns, goes off the scale...

Sending you into a spending binge of £200 a day, way more than you were spending before joining Debt World.

Which means you not only regain all the debt, but you end up in more debt than when you started.

Depriving yourself of Syns...

Has now caused you to binge on more Syns, resulting in increased debt gain longer term.

The take home message?

Debt World doesn't work, because it deprives you so much of the things you enjoy most in life, that you end up blowing more on them longer term and accumulating more debt to make up for the period of deprivation.

What's most scary is that Debt World have engineered their financial plan for this to happen. They want you to accumulate more debt long term, because if you become debt free, they go out of business. 

Which explains why they push the deprivation so much and make you feel guilty for your purchases. They are priming you for a blowout shopping binge in the future, to keep you in debt and secure you as a returning customer.

The solution?

Don't Syn products.

Don't Syn food.

And don't believe that Free products or Free foods are anything more than simply a distraction from the deprivation you're being put through, to deliberately increase your debt longer term.

While one Debt World member is shouting...

"OMG! I'm reducing my debt and I can buy unlimited door mats!"

Millions of people out there aren't in any debt whatsoever, all whilst enjoying being able to buy clothes, jewellery and 100s of other luxury products, guilt free.

Their secret?

They don't go to Debt World.


p.s. If you'd like to learn more about how food deprivation increases binge eating behaviour and weight gain longer term, join us on the Summer Strip mission! You can find out more in the Warm Up group!

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