How Slimming Clubs Secretly Make You Fatter!

posted on: January 03, 2017. posted in: Weight loss

Picture the scene.

Imagine you're running out of money.

Not broke. Not poor. Just a little less rich than you'd like.

So in your quest to be a little richer, you search for a solution. A way to get hold of some quick cash, to top up your bank balance and allow you a few more luxuries.

You go online and stumble across an advert for Loan World...

"Borrow 7x more money with us! And best of all you don't have to pay back a penny for 5 years!"

It sounds amazing!

And there are 100s of testimonials and 'before and after photos' from satisfied customers sharing their experience and stories of success.

"I borrowed £10,000 two years ago and I've never looked back! My friends can't believe how much money I have, I'm like a different person!" says Jenny as she throws a wad of cash in the air.

"I been awarded 'Borrower Of The Year' having borrowed a whopping £15,000 in just 6 months! I never would have thought I could be this rich!" says Claire as she flashes her designer earrings.

"I had tried so many loans before, but I always hated repaying them! This time I've borrowed £8,000 and 3 years on I've still not paid back a penny!" says Dave as he points at his new gold Rolex.


You are seriously impressed!

And the fact that many of your friends are sharing their own stories of Loan World success on social media convinces you that it's worth a try!

So you sign up to Loan World.

You borrow £5,000.

And true to their promise, you don't have to pay back a penny for 5 years!

Within a few months you are back on top of your finances. Your balance is topped up. Your bills are paid. And you've got plenty to spare for a few impulse purchases!

You feel richer and happier than you have done for years, so you too agree to share your story and offer a testimonial to Loan World.

"Look at me! I'm living proof that this works! I've borrowed £5,000 and haven't felt this rich ever! Trust me when I say Loan World works!!"

In fact, you're so happy with the results...

You even sign up to become a Loan World Consultant.

Now you can help others who were once in your situation and teach them how borrowing from Loan World can change their lives!

And so...

You love your new Loan World lifestyle, sharing your story and spreading the word like you've discovered a new found religion. You are an inspiration to your Loan World group, teaching them the best way to borrow and how much.

But then... one day... some years later...

You start to notice something.

As you check your bank balance you see that you're now losing money... getting poorer again... and starting to accumulate MORE DEBT.

You're confused. And upset. And desperate.

And most of all, you're worried about your reputation as a Loan World Consultant.

"How can I lead a group of people and tell them all about how great Loan World is, if I'm in debt and poor myself?! They'll think I don't have any willpower!"

So you do what all desperate people do.


With each extra loan you feel a little quick fix relief...

But with each extra loan you INCREASE YOUR REPAYMENTS.

What you hadn't realised is that the reason you were losing money is because the 5 year honeymoon was up. And your repayments on your initial loan were due. 

At a whopping 20% interest!

As you struggled to make your repayments... you borrowed more to repay your repayments... and as your repayments on your repayments got bigger...

You guessed it.


Eventually you got so desperate.

Eventually your borrowing got so big.

Eventually your repayments got so out of control...

You ended up BANKRUPT.

Financially obese.

And thinking to yourself...

"I wish I had as much money as I did before I joined Loan World! I thought I was poor back then, but compared to now, I had everything!"

Poorer and sadder you resign as a Loan World Consultant, feeling ashamed of yourself.

And worst of all?

Blaming yourself.


The moral of the story.

The lenders are SLIMMING CLUBS.

The borrowing is LOSING WEIGHT.

The repayments are REGAINING WEIGHT.

Just as the more money you borrow, the more money you have to repay...

The more weight you lose by dieting, the more weight you will inevitably regain.

With interest!!

When slimmers rebound, regain the weight, and more... they never blame the slimming clubs for causing it, but instead they blame themselves. They blame their "lack of willpower", even though it's not their fault.

It's the slimming club's fault!

For their extortionate rates of interest!!

And slimming clubs get away with it for one, simple VERY SECRET reason.

They design their slimming plans to ensure the weight losses last just long enough for people to believe that the plan has WORKED. To believe that they are a SUCCESS. And to believe that the slimming clubs are their saviour...

But without waring them about the interest!

The inevitable metabolic slowdown and WEIGHT REGAIN, that occurs for 95% of slimmers within 5 years of starting a diet.

Which means after 5 years you won't just have regained the weight, you'll end up in even more "metabolic debt" and be EVEN FATTER.

When personal trainers like me try to warn people about this, it's usually when they're enjoying the honeymoon, so they shout...

"It's working for me! I don't care what you say! Look! I've kept the weight off for 3 years, I'm proof that it works!"

The sad truth?

It takes for them to become metabolically bankrupt. And OBESE. Five years down the line. Before they're ready to believe what I say.

The 5 year weight loss honeymoon is the slimming industry's deepest, darkest secret.

Only by SHARING THIS POST can we warn young girls against it... And prevent them from a life of metabolic debt and obesity.


[This post is not aimed at any individual members of slimming clubs. Instead it is designed to highlight the dangers of slimming companies and how they drive food addiction and obesity. If you'd like to learn more about how we can help, please feel free to email us for a non-judgemental conversation about your nutrition.]

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